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Sorellina is a little pizza Italy in Brisbane

Though the origins of pizza can be argued over until the cows come home, we like to think its invention lay with a mastermind somewhere in southern Italy. Someone who, centuries ago, stumbled home after a hard day of winemaking (and probably drinking) and thought ‘I just can’t be bothered making pasta tonight – wonder what tomato sauce would taste like on that flat bread from yesterday?’ Boom, our favourite dinnertime feed was born. Pizza has come a long way since its humble beginnings in a weathered Italian kitchen, from the plain cheese and tomato to some pretty wild variations (uh, cheeseburger pizza?). But one spot taking traditional from simple to simply delicious is Sorellina Pizzeria. Some might say that the true test of a good pizzeria is how well they do a margherita, but this is not so. The most Italian of pizzas are those with simple ingredients on show, with nothing to hide behind (not even cheese). This is where Sorellina stands out, with their marinara pizza boasting only olive oil, garlic, tomatoes and oregano. This marinara, not the seafood loaded job that you need a knife and fork to eat, is the traditional Italian version, named for the food that fishermen used to take to sea. Really, whose idea was it to put prawns on a pizza anyway? Pizza should be all about the carbs. Not only does Sorellina fire up delicious traditional pizzas in their cosy venue in Woolloongabba, but they also have the perfect excuse to drag a big group along for dinner. Just tell the kitchen you want the house faves and they’ll bring out the best pizzas they can wood fire up, with beer jugs and good vino, all without breaking the bank ($19 beer jugs? Yes please!). No need to stress over who likes pepperoni and who won’t eat anchovies, you’ll get enough doughy delights like Tuscan kale, salami and prosciutto pizzas that there’ll be enough for the fussy eaters to take their picky needs to the other end of the table. So all you have to worry about is who is going to get the last piece of marinara pizza. Words by Sheldon Hikaiti