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Somewhere only a local would know: Southside Bistro

South siders rejoice – the northern suburbs might have us on disgracefully towered milkshakes and fancy coconut soft serves, but we’ve got a few tricks of our own stuffed down our stretchy pants. Take the trek south of the border to Sunnybank and take the time to introduce your taste buds to Southside Bistro. While usually Sunnybank is famous for it’s drool-inducing ramen, plate upon plate of yum cha (more like delicious-cha) and more sushi trains than you could shake a shinkansen timetable at – this nifty little bistro is dishing up Asian fusion like no other. If you fancy the best of both continents, you can’t go past the unique hybrid Southside Bistro has forged between ‘side of fries’ comforts and bao bun burgers. Whether you’re sharing a couple of dishes/fighting over the last coconut prawn between friends, or in for a penny in for a pound of food, Southside Bistro will have you leaving with a fat food baby without thinning the ol’ wallet. Start your night off with a few sticks of lamb love, coated in cumin with a minted pea mash and balsamic reduction, or pass around a plate of their famous coconut prawn beignets – highly recommended by anyone who’s locked lips with a serving of those babies. For something truly special order the double cooked pork belly burger, which comes with a hunk of pork bigger than the big bad wolf could wrap his chops around. All burgers on the menu are served between two of their signature milk buns, for a more cultural take on Brissy’s favourite food. southside bistro 2But it’s not just their burgers that had us salivating – their sizzling chocolate and almond brownie for two had us at hello. This bowl of chocolate goodness comes out so hot it’s bubbling, dripping in chocolate fudge sauce and sprinkled with pralines. It’s topped off with a scoop of butterscotch ice cream and before you know it, gravity has failed you and you’re on the floor with a fork to your mouth and chocolate all over your chin. If a spin on an Asian favourite is more your go-to, try the deep fried green tea ice cream bao on for size (if you think it’s a mouthful to say – wait until you try shoveling that bad boy down). It’s green tea ice cream, wrapped in milk bao bun, deep-fried and served with condensed milk and berry coulis. Need we say more? The best bit? They’re open until midnight every night of the week, so if you’re feeling a little late night hanger onset or a post karaoke stress eating, wander no further than the door and they’ll have a sizzling hot brownie waiting for you. If you know what’s good for you, you’ll put your oversized doughnut down and head straight for the humble side of town for a bite at the Southside Bistro. Words by Lucille Burkitt