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Something new is brewing at Spring Hill!

If Beer InCider made ale your dreams come true, you’ll want to bunker down: here’s a piece of news guaranteed to hit the bullseye. After launching on the beer-filled weekend, Archer Brewing is finally ready to open doors on a brand new Brisbane bar – and our excitement’s reaching the pint of no return.

Set in Spring Hill, underground bar Archer’s Bunker is themed after the London air raid shelters of World War 2. With secret entrances (look for the fridge inside International Hotel!), a brand new range of Aussie beers, and walls decked in artwork, the answer is yes: we’d tap that. Archer's Bunker Spring Hill There’s a lot brewing in the coming months, but the launch will focus on four quality Archer Brewing beers: a Pilsner, pale ale, IPA, and a mid-strength lager.

Nope, no heavy stouts or kooky brews: just good, easy drinking beers for your night out. And if you plan to seek shelter from the outside world for a while, Archer’s Bunker offers cheese and charcuterie share boards, oven fired pizzas and bar snacks.

Pawing to step through the door? Just wait – there’s more. Archer’s Bunker is named after the owners’ very own pup, who acts as the shelter’s very own warden. Get ready for ‘hair of the dog’ to take on a whole new meaning: your dogs are welcome to visit, too! Forget choosing between man’s best friend and man’s best blend; Archer’s Bunker has it all. Archer's Bunker Spring Hill Archer’s Bunker is located underneath International Hotel in Spring Hill, and will open to the public this Friday, 13th October. 

Words by Samantha Chariton