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Six quirky takes on hot cross buns that will blow your mind

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Hot cross… what? While we love a few good hot cross buns any day of the week, occasionally we’re tempted to break free from the tried and true and experiment with some quirky alternatives. Here’s our round up of six unconventional takes on the much-loved hot cross bun. Hot Cross Scones | joy the baker Hot Cross Bun Scones The in-laws are on their way, you neglected to buy hot cross bunnage, and you definitely don’t have a spare three hours up your sleeve to watch your bun dough grow. Make a batch of scones, add currants and citrus zest, and pipe a cream cheese icing cross instead. Hot Cross Pancakes | joy the baker Hot Cross Bun Pancakes Recipe “Oh my!” I hear you say. I know, ticks all the addictions in one mouthful. In this case cardamom, nutmeg and cinnamon are added to a buttermilk pancake batter with currants and lemon and orange zests. The aroma alone will get the whole family out of bed helping.  This recipe calls for more cream cheese frosting crosses, but I would use crème fraiche or mascarpone to help balance out that sugar and possibly some cardamom poached pears. Hot Cross Donuts | Spicyicecream Hot Cross Buns Donut Recipe These are brandy-soaked-custard-filled-dark-choc-dipped-white-choc-crossed circles of BLISS. Be prepared for mess, more mess and probably a little extra mess.  Definitely not for the faint-hearted cook or calorie counter. Hot Cross Éclair | Raspberri Cupcakes Hot Cross Bun Eclair Recipe Yep, we’re messing with your minds.  Spiced custard-filled choux buns glazed with a cinnamon and white chocolate ganache, dotted with currants and crossed with white chocolate. The French may not be impressed but the girls at your Easter inspired high tea will be squealing! Hot Cross Bun Loaf | Taste Williams-Sonoma Hot Cross Bun Loaf Recipe Ok, you’ve scanned the above and you can’t bring yourself to betray the bunnage. Here’s a recipe that stays true, but comes in a loaf rolled with a brown sugar and cinnamon mix, and a random piped vanilla glaze. Hot Cross Ice Cream Sandwich | Raspberri Cupcakes Hot Cross Bun Ice Cream Sandwich 2 Essentially the Easter version of a Maxi-Bon – remember those? More biscuit and ice cream that you can legally handle in one sitting? This version adds currants, sultanas and allspice to a cream and egg ice cream dream, then sandwiches it between orange and choc chip buttermilk cookies and crosses the cookies in white chocolate. You are definitely going to jail without passing go. If you really can’t do the hot cross without the bun, then branch out where you feel safe. Swap the dried fruit for dates and pipe on a caramel cross for a sticky date bun. Add dried cranberries and apple instead of the currants for a prettier approach or insert an Easter egg in the middle of your bun for an extra Easter bunny surprise. Whatever you choose make fun the main ingredient. nims xx