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Six funked up takes on the ANZAC biscuit that will change your life

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What’s not to love about ANZAC biscuits. They’re sugary, buttery, come in both chewy and crunchy varieties, and have rolled oats in them so you can kid yourself that they’re practically cereal. And yet there are non-believers, some of whom go as far as to call this humble but wonderful bickie ‘boring’. And so, in an effort to make sure everyone is enjoying their golden goodness this April, I’ve rounded up some ANZAC inspired recipes that are anything but dull. Lemon & Honey ANZAC Tart |Technicolour Kitchen Anzac1Cue a “why didn’t I think of that” moment. Take the crunchy, crumbly perfection of ANZAC biscuits and cram them into a dish and you have a brilliant tart base. Genius. The tangy lemon filling in this case is most definitely not bland. ANZAC & Pineapple Ice-cream Sandwich | Serious Eats anzac2I was originally a bit wary of this recipe when I saw that it uses something called “spoom.” But it turns out spoom is a pineapple-y, lime-y meringue that looks delicious and easy to make, and turns into ice-cream when frozen. Winning.  ANZAC & Salted Caramel Sundae | Ooh-Look Anzac3I’ve got you thinking that ice-cream might be a way to make this ‘boring’ biscuit a bit cooler (pun totally intended) but you’re not prepared to venture into the world of spoom? Smash your ANZAC up, scatter it over some ice-cream and lash it with salted caramel. ANZAC Caramel Slice | Donna Hay Anzac4ANZAC biscuits… and caramel… I’m in sugary, buttery, golden heaven. ANZAC Day Cake | Better Homes and Gardens Anzac5aKeep the key flavours and ramp up the coconut content with this moist cake. It looks like something you’d find at nanna’s but is a tad more boozey as it contains that other ANZAC day essential – rum! Chocolate and Banana Cheesecake | Frank Kamora Anzac6aWhat’s a recipe list without chocolate? And if this European-born chef knows the value of our simple Aussie treat so should you. Frank has used it as a base for an utterly dreamy concoction of chocolate, roasted bananas and cream cheese. For those of us who appreciate the simplicity of ANZAC biscuits, the possibilities are endless – the base recipes lend themselves perfectly to being loaded with chocolate, fruit and nuts. And those of you who are still not won over – all hope is not lost. You can still enjoy the ANZAC classics like rum and milk – just add sugar and nutmeg for an easy but tasty cocktail. Words by Jessamin Horder