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Sip your way to tranquility at The Common Café

The perfect mix of nutritious feeds, smooth coffee, yoga, pilates and good vibes – that’s what you’ll find at Paddington’s new wholefoods café. Right next door to Ground Collective, where you’ll find a day spa and yoga studio, this renovated Queenslander turned health food haven is a hidden gem where you can find your yin and yang (literally – the coffee blends here are named for them) while you get in a healthy breakfast. Though it may not be the best way to help you find inner peace, coffee is the real drawcard, with two Bellissimo crafted blends – the mild and conservative Yin, and robust and aromatic Yang. Not a coffee person? They’ve got you covered with a whole range of exotic herbal teas, from red velvet, vintage chai and berry to a complexion green tea with orange and aromatic spices to name but a few. If it’s a rejuvenating feed you need after a sweaty pilates session, sit down to one of their three avo on toasts (three!), the Oatmeal Warrior bowl with cinnamon and cardamom granola, chia seeds, berries and honey, or treat your inner yogi to an acai bowl adorned with fresh fruit and granola. And don’t worry, while they might be a wholefoods café, they’re not just for the vegetarians. For the carnivores, the beef burger with Spanish beef, salad, haloumi, relish and smoky BBQ sauce should hit your breakfast sweet spot, or try the Namaste B&E, with bacon and eggs on organic bread. If you’re just stopping by for a little treat on the run, their coffees are takeaway and their cabinet is full of gluten free, sugar free and dairy free baked goods (so they’re practically guilt-free, right?). Whether you’re here for a facial at Eden, turning yourself into a human pretzel during morning yoga, or just after a peaceful venue that’ll make you say “nama-stay-right-here for breakfast thanks”, pay a visit to The Common Café. Words by Kat Gridley