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Single and loving it: How to dine solo in Brisbane

Dining alone can be a daunting task. Eating out or eating in, dining on your lonesome is only interesting as long your Instagram feed lasts (which isn’t long enough to finish a meal, let’s be honest). But when takeaway won’t cut it, you’ve got a serious craving for something that isn’t Mi Goreng and all your friends are cosying up with bae, you might just have to go it alone. Solo dining doesn’t have to be a depressing pastime limited only to suit clad people on business trips. When it comes to eating out alone, anywhere with a bar or wi-fi is your friend. Yum cha, paella and tapas, meanwhile, are cruel reminders of how single you are. Eating in and don’t want to be eating the same leftovers for a week or going through hours of prep over a meal for one? We’ve got the solution for that too. Caveman Kitchen | Delivered More time for dancing in your underwear (in the one bedroom apartment you have all to yourself) while delicious, healthy dinners for one are delivered to your door? It’s almost a reason to stay single, but after a few weeks of scouring #fitspo on Instagram while you tuck into tasty meals like pork spare ribs and paleo pad Thai, or one of their 45 other meals, you’ll be looking so fine you’ll have a dinner date every night of the week. Boundary Street Markets | West End The one thing we’ll never get past about eating alone. No share plates = no opportunity for eating more than one dish. But we’ve solved the problem. Just hit the Boundary Street Markets and eat your way through stalls like Tom & John’s Wings and Taco Fiesta. Then head to the Boiler Room and find yourself a sexy tattooed friend for the night. Anise | New Farm You will never feel like you are dining alone in this cosy restaurant where the waiter instantly becomes your best friend. They’ll talk you through each and every course and the matching wines, and have even been known to enjoy a glass of wine with their guests at the end of a meal! Avid Reader | West End It doesn’t matter if you are alone when you’ve got a pile of books to keep you company. Put the smartphone down and pick up a book for a change, paired with one of Avid’s delicious salads or sweet treats, and you can find yourself some new friends (or even romance) between the pages of a good novel. Press’d | Teneriffe You’ve just finished an epic workout (gotta keep that single bod #ripped) and your famished, but going to home to meal prep is just not appealing. Don’t dial up a pizza just yet, stop by Press’d and grab an organic meal to take home instead – they’re now open until 8pm! Cowch | South Bank Free wi-fi, cheese, churros and cocktails – what more do you need? Not someone to steal the last drop of your salted caramel dipping sauce that’s for sure. When you need to treat yourself – with dessert or some alone time – Cowch is the sweetest spot you’ll find in Brisbane. Who needs friends when you have food? Words by Ranyhyn Akui