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Signs you’re a key A-framer

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There seems to be a growing trend in Brisbane at the moment, with more and more A-frames popping up all over the place, particularly on the door steps of local cafes. It’s fair to say that most businesses are using these A-frames to entice potential customers with persuasive deals, but we have noticed some are taking a slightly different approach. I’m not sure about you, but I never have the time (or patience) to read a full chalkboard menu as I’m wandering past rows of cafés, which is why we here at G&G HQ, we think espresso bars nationwide need to take a leaf out of Ltd Espresso + Brew Bar’s book. Here’s a round up of their quirky A-frames that got us chuckling over latte’s. With deals like this how could you go anywhere else? Frame Here’s one for the activists. They really do cater for everyone. frame2 They really don’t discriminate; everyone’s welcome! frame3 Need we say more? Frame4 Amen, sister! Frame5 However, I think the real message they are getting at is summed up perfectly here: Frame6