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Sichuan Bang Bang & Pizzeria Violetta double up in Paddington

You’ve surely heard of Sichuan Bang Bang and Pizzeria Violetta by now. Kenmore’s not so hidden gem, this exotic duo has been dishing up Chinese and Italian feasts side by side on the west side for years, and now, they’ve come to Paddington, so you won’t have to travel as far to get your Peking duck pancake and margherita pizza fix. Like the Kenmore location, there’s only one address to remember for both restaurants in their Paddington spot: 167 Given Terrace. A character filled old cottage has been split into two to house a fusion of both, with one side dedicated to the spicy flavours of Sichuan Bang Bang, complete with a life size dragon mural on the ceiling, while the other side is all about Pizzeria Violetta’s Italian feasts, including an epic wood-fired pizza oven. Down the centre is a stone bar for plenty of cocktail sipping, and just outside the door you’ll find a breezy deck for weekend brunches and yum cha. sichuan bang bang paddington restaurantsThere is one challenge dining at the new spot though – deciding which side to choose. Do you want scrumptious pan-Asian eats like salt and pepper king prawns, crispy soft shell crab and Mongolian lamb ribs? Or would you prefer to feast on cheesy wood-fired pizzas topped with classic ingredients, like the pork and fennel sausage, pancetta, salami and mozzarella Maiala pizza? It’s a tough decision, so we suggest not making it at all and doubling up with a two night visit. On the weekends, you’ll be able to brunch on Pizzeria Violetta’s Italian inspired morning feeds, including, wait for it, breakfast pizza. Not into such decadence before midday? Not to worry, because Sichuan Bang Bang can take care of your post-breakfast hanger with their yum cha offering. pizzeria violetta paddingtonWhichever style of cuisine you go for, you’ll be able to pair it with plenty of quality sips, from wine and beer to cocktails. Both venues will also do takeaway if you’d prefer to take your feast home. Whether you’re already a fan of Sichuan Bang Bang or Pizzeria Violetta (or like us, both), or you’ve been meaning to try them for a while, now’s your chance. You’ll find them at 167 Given Terrace, Paddington, open 7 days a week. Words by Ranyhyn Akui