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Seven tea strainers to make tea time even better

Tea time is a special time for us. Whenever 3pm comes around, without fail it’s time to pop the kettle on for a mug of earl grey, green tea or a fruity infusion. On cold, grey afternoons, there’s nothing more comforting than wrapping your hands around a steaming mug of tea and perhaps a nice big chocolate cookie (or five). We didn’t think it could possibly get any better, then we found these. The rubber ducky rubberduckteastrainer Is it tea time or bath time? Could we just combine the two and drink tea in the bath? We’re not entirely sure but we do know that this little guy is adorable. Dreaming whale whalespoutteastrainer It was the whale spout handle that sold us. 3pm will be a whale of a time from now on! Teatanic teatanicteastrainer An ‘unsinkable’ tea infuser sounds a bit pointless to us (isn’t the whole point of a tea infuser that it sinks?), but we’ll take it for the DiCaprio memories. And never let go. Sharky tea infuser sharkyteastrainer Disturbing? Yes. Off-putting? Hell no! The sharky tea infuser marauds through the dangerous waters of your tea. For the most horrific effects, we recommend raspberry tea and clear mug. Deep Tea Diver infuser deepteadiverteastrainer Oh the whimsy! We love the infuser and the pun both. Divers brew it deeper! Ye-tea infuser yetiteastrainer It might be a little unnerving to have this peeking out of your tea cup, but the baby pink somehow makes him a little friendlier looking. Mister Tea infuser misterteastrainer If your tea time is usually a lonely one, no longer. Toss some tea in his trousers and you have an instant afternoon companion. And finally, if you’re a persistent crumb dropper when it comes to those cookies, the mug you’ve been looking for your whole life, the face mug, is for you: facemug Words by Ranyhyn Akui