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Seven soup recipes for your winter repertoire

Sometimes I feel like I had a self-inflicted deprived childhood. Why? I hated soup. I have no fond memories of dipping toast soldiers into bowls of thick vegetable concoctions, and couldn’t relate to my favourite cartoon characters who celebrated chicken noodle broths as a miracle cure-all. Now that I’m older and somewhat wiser, I’ve discovered soup and all its comforting, warming, easy-to-make and reheatable appeals. Below are some of the recipes that either helped with my conversion, or are on my list now that I’ve embarked on ‘Operation Try All The Soups’. Tomato and quinoa soup | CityLine In this thick and hearty soup the quinoa and chickpeas deliver a source of whole protein – perfect for your vegetarian friend who’s been looking a bit pale recently. Chillis and paprika are sure to add even more rose to their cheeks. Chicken noodle soup | Style at Home So unless Arthur, Sesame Street and Disney were ALL lying to me, there’s nothing this stuff can’t fix. Add as much pasta and/or veggies as you want to this classic to relive (or rewrite) your childhood next time the sniffles set in. Creamy broccoli and kale soup | For the Love of Food Green is all the rage right now. Boost your immune system against winter nasties and be oh-so-trendy with this superfood blend. Cheesy taco soup | Iowa Girl Eats This recipe just screams “America”, but like Pop Tarts and marshmallow topping it has to be tried for the novelty factor. Once you look at what’s involved it actually makes (a little) sense. Bonus: this way you can still enjoy the flavours of your favourite crunchy nachos if you’ve recently had some teeth yanked out. LaksaTaste Fresh scallops? Coconut? Noodles and peanuts? Yes please. Laksas are ridiculously yummy, easy to change around (vego? Swap the prawns for tofu) and if you mess it up your local Thai place is pretty much guaranteed to have a back-up. Beetroot Soup | Gaget Girl Beetroot is packed with antioxidants, nutrients and fibre. And if that’s not enough, it’s bright purple. This simple soup is filling enough to be slapped solo into a container for work lunch, and pretty enough for an entrée if you’re inclined to throw a snazzy dinner party. Southwest Seafood Chowder | Food & Wine Chowder is another favourite of childhood cartoon characters – usually French waiters with twirly moustaches. These fishy concoctions are not for the faint-hearted, but this Southwestern interpretation has enough veggies and spice to help ease you into it. Words by Jessimin Horder