Seven Best Brisbane Duck Dishes | Gourmand & Gourmet

Seven Se-duck-tive Sensations

If your mid-week chicken dishes haven’t gotten any tastier or the leftover turkey you still have lying around is giving off a fowl scent – perhaps it’s time re-evaluate your poultry pickings.

Whether its Peking, pancaked or poached, these divine duck meals will have you reaching for the keys and making dinner plans as “quack” as possible.

Electric Avenue | Woolloongabba

A little bird has told us that Woolloongabba has a deep duck secret – and were here to let it out. Fly into Electric Avenue for their blackened duck breast elegantly dressed with blue potatoes, pistachio cream and olive crumb. So get down and put this fancy fowl straight on your bill.

Sichuan Bang Bang | Paddington & Kenmore

Still haven’t perfected the art of chopsticks and hate the judgement from your stick savvy friends? Fear not because Sichuan Ban Bang will help you fly right under the radar. Get all wrapped up in their Peking duck pancakes, served with fresh cucumber and a hoi sin dipping sauce – the ideal Asian finger food!!

Chu the Phat | South Brisbane

Bun looking for an Asian dish to satisfy your carby cravings – then look no further than Chu the Phat’s Duck Buns. These little morsels are certainly all they are quacked up to be, filled with sweet, saucy duck meat marinated in traditional Asian flavours – definitely worth leaving the nest for!

Mons Ban Sabai Thai | Camp Hill

Putting a twist on the classic Thai red curry, Mons Ban Sabai have taken a shot in the duck with their Island Duck Curry. Roasted in red curry sauce, lychees and sweet pineapple, this one certainty won’t leave a fowl taste behind.

Red Hook | Brisbane City

Is there anything Red Hook (mexi)can’t do? You won’t think so after trying the duck tacos! Combining our favourite hand held Mexican delicacy with tender pulled meat, Asian slaw and fried shallots – the guys at Red Hook will have you wondering “waddle” they come up with next?

Pawpaw Cafe | East Brisbane

For those who like to get up at the quack of dawn, then waddle into Pawpaw café to satisfy all your poultry passions. Ome-lette you think about devouring the roasted duck and mushroom omelette, smothered in cheddar cheese, carrot, bean shoots and spicy sambal. So pass on the classic smashed avo and eggs benny and take a quack at this guy.