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Seven gourmet food tools you need in your life now.

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Every now and then the Internet presents us with glorious inventions that we didn’t know we needed until that very moment – you know, the kind of things that just leave you saying, “shut up and take my money!” Frankly, we’ve seen a few to do with food recently and we just can’t resist them. I mean – a colour customisable Oreo hook? Sign. Me. Up. Here are a few of our favourite food oddities you need in your life, like now. Wine Time Jimmy Hook WineGlassHolder Most of us are familiar with the old ‘shower beers’, but what about a ‘bath-time bubbly’ instead? This jimmy hook is the perfect addition to showers and baths alike. We’ll admit, it sounds a little unhygienic, but don’t act like you’ve never wanted somewhere convenient to place your glass during a relaxing bubble bath, or something to hold your wine glass when you’re rushing to get ready for a night out. Simple pleasures people. Wake Up And Smell The Bacon BaconScentAlarmApp Bacon: the holy grail of breakfast food. If bacon were a person it would be Jennifer Lawrence – you can’t even imagine hating it. Oscar Mayer has caught on to the undying love the world has for this porky portion, developing an app called Wake Up & Smell The Bacon. Put simply, this app is an alarm that comes with a small add-on for your iPhone so you can creak open your weary eyes to the sizzle and scent of bacon. Hellooo heaven! Dropcatch PopAndDrop The perfect addition to any house party: a magnetic bottle opener. Mount this baby to the wall and let it do all the hard work. Surely you don’t need any more convincing here. Check out the stout, porter, and seasonal varieties now. The Dipr cookie-dipper_300 Yep, this is an Oreo hook. Sling the curved end of this glorious tool around your cookie and happily dunk it into your glass of milk without fear of losing it in the endless lactose abyss. Cheap as chips and available in seven colours. Aww yeah. Polar Bear Ice Tray PolarBearIceTray   No more smacking the ice tray on the counter and turning the kitchen bench into a veritable minefield of cubes. Behold, the polar bear ice tray: a sealed tray that’ll make you ten cubes without absorbing any miscellaneous freezer scents or spilling everywhere. Fill, smack, pour – easy. Chihuahua Taco Holder ChihuahuaTacoHolder2 Such taco. Much Mexican. Wow. Lionel Richie Chocolate Head ChocolateLionelRichie And finally, the pièce de résistance. Is it me you’re licking for? I didn’t know I wanted this until this very moment, and I think it’s mostly because of the product description. Seriously though. Shut Up And Take My Money Words by Lucy-Ellen Steadman