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Scroll on down to The Doughnut Bar’s new home!

Remember how thrilling it was to go out for ice cream as a kid? When the mere sound of the ice cream truck coming down the street could send you into a tizzy? While as an adult it can be hard to match that level of excitement, we’ve found a game changer that will have you pulling your pigtails in excitement – and it comes from some of our favourite Brisbane dessert creators: The Doughnut Bar. With their brand new store in the Wintergarden in the CBD comes a whole new way to eat ice cream – not scooped, not spooned, but rolled. Yep, rolled. Intrigued? You should be! You’ve probably seen this crazy trend on Instagram already, with Singapore, Thailand and even one very cool Eumundi market stall already well and truly into it. But now it’s arrived in Brisbane, and we sure hope it’s here to stay. the doughnut bar 2At The Doughnut Bar’s new home, a cute hole-in-the-wall takeaway spot just perfect for grabbing a mid-afternoon sugar hit, liquid gelato mixed with everything from crushed oreos and coconut is spread onto specially imported cold plates that are chilled to -20 degrees. Once the mix has been spread super thin and frozen solid, the clever artisans at The Doughnut Bar scrape it off so that the ice cream rolls up into scrolls – which looks like a challenging task even after months of practice! For now, the scrolled ice cream comes in three flavours, Tiny Timmy Tella with tiny teddies, Tim Tams and Nutella, Vovoreo with raspberry, coconut and Oreos, and Snickers, with chocolate, smashed nuts and caramel, with plenty more to come. Of course, you can still get The Doughnut Bar’s epic doughnuts, cronuts and freak shakes, with new recipes, new flavours and new opportunities for sugar comas yet to come! If you were already (ice) screaming with excitement 3 paragraphs ago, you’ll find The Doughnut Bar’s new home on the bottom level of the Wintergarden in the CBD, open 7 days a week. Best of all, they’re giving away FREE ICE CREAM on Thursday, March 3, from 3-6pm – be there, or be square! Words by Samantha Chariton