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Korean Brisbane

Machu Picchu. Taj Mahal. The Colosseum. You may be familiar with the seven wonders of the world, but did you know there’s one more?

That’s right folks, the (un)official eighth wonder of the world, as named by us, is Korean food. Here are our top picks for Korean eats in Brisbane, so move over China – who needs a Great Wall when you’ve got fried chicken?

Warawara | CBD

You might want to bring your goggles, because Warawara’s marinated grilled pork is sizzlin’. With 13 different sharing pots, this cosy Korean eatery is the perfect spot for a late-night meal with your mates – and they don’t close until 2:30am!

KaiKai Chicken | St Lucia

Head down the stairs of Kai Kai chicken and you’ll be hit with the mouth-watering scents of frying chicken, spices and sauce. With their specialty being fried chicken, you’ll be spoilt for choice when checking out their extensive menu of delicious eats – and don’t even get us started on their all-you-can-eat options.

Hanwoori | CBD

Indulge yourself in plates on plates of Korean goodness at Hanwoori’s buffet. For just $32.90pp you’ll be smashing down bites from their meat bar, hot food bar and salad bar – but be warned: us + buffets = danger. So, if you’re after a feast, you’d better get there before we do.

Chi Mc | CBD

If you’re fortunate enough to be walking down Creek Street anytime soon, make sure to take a detour straight into the warm embrace of fried chicken, Korean pancakes and spicy hot pots at Chi Mc. Open until midnight, they know exactly what they’re about – and they do it well.

Korean Restaurants Brisbane

Hello Chicken | Bowen Hills

Forget Kentucky – KFC has a new face, and it’s waving a Taeguk flag. This funky eatery is situated in Bowen Hills, and with van-front service, their fried chicken is a must-try. Think soy garlic chicken, snow cheese chicken and crazy hot chili chicken for the brave souls among us.

The Journey | CBD

They say it’s not the destination, it’s The Journey – and whoever they are, they couldn’t be more correct. Enjoy delectable kimchi pancakes, bean paste stew and stone pot bibimbab at this family restaurant, and we highly recommend the $10 lunch menu for a filling feed on a budget.   

MoMo | CBD

We know we go on and on about Korea fried chicken, but trust and believe – MoMo will leave you wanting more. If carbonara, marinade or soy chicken doesn’t float your boat (in which case, are you okay?), their kimchi fried rice will tie you over.  

Funny Funny | CBD

There’s nothing funny about this restaurant, because their BBQ pork belly means serious business. Funny Funny is a go-to for fried dumplings and fried rice, and if your sweet tooth is aching, you’ve gotta try their icy peaches or just grab a tub of Ben & Jerry’s – because why not?

Brisbane, we’ve got a few wonders of our own.

Words by Sophia Lunn
- The gourmand who'll eat anything Asian.