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Say Hai-Hai to Paddington’s newest dinner spot

Oh hai hai! If you’re a Paddington local, or even just a big fan of Japanese fare (and seriously craving it after the annual Aussie pilgrimage to Japan’s snow fields), you’re going to want to go and say ‘hai!’ to the west side’s flavoursome new spot. Dishing up hot, steaming bowls of ramen from a cosy spot in the heart of Latrobe Terrace, Hai-Hai Ramen is all about slurpable feeds. Like any good ramen joint, the menu isn’t overflowing with options, but you don’t need many, you just need to decide whether you want chicken or pork (or tofu – vegetarians are catered for here too!). While you decide (but let’s face it, you’re getting the pork), you can take in the minimalist surrounds, plonk yourself on the deck and tuck into some nibbles, with steamed buns, miso butter sweetcorn and karaage chicken to get your tastebuds ready for the main event. Opt for the pork ramen (which you will) and you’ll get a slow cooked pork broth overflowing with char siu pork belly, soft boiled egg, nori, pickles, shallots and tender noodles. All three ramens are available salty or soy based, and you can get extra pork belly, marinated chicken or egg on top if you’re feeling soup-er hungry. There’s plenty of drinks to pair with your feed too, from exotic sips like Kirin beer and specialty Japanese whiskys, to wines from a little closer to home. Hai-Hai can do their ramen takeaway – but when it arrives steaming hot and full of perfectly cooked noodles in front of you, you’re going to want to start slurping straight away. You’ll find Hai-Hai Ramen at 102 Latrobe Terrace, Paddington, open for dinner Tuesday to Sunday. Words by Ranyhyn Akui