Ristorante La Famiglia Italian Restaurant Open In Brisbane

Say ciao to your new fave lunch at Ristorante La Famiglia

We remember travelling Italy like it was yesterday.

While we did not meet any shirtless men on horseback (maybe next time), it’s safe to say that Ristorante La Famiglia’s new lunch options are giving us some serious déjà vu when it comes to authentic Italian eats.  

Experience a feast like no other at Woolloongabba’s favourite Italian family restaurant with new, irresistible lunch options at prices that’ll have you coming back every day of the working week.

Ristorante La Famiglia

Choose from ciabattas filled with juicy porchetta, Italian meatballs and sugo, or crumbed chicken cotoletta with herbed mayo for just $14. In other words – leave your sandwich in the office fridge; we both know that wasn’t happening anyway.  

The $14 lunchtime feasting doesn’t stop there, so jump into a menu of carbonara, spaghetti con polpette, pasta all’Amatriciana and more with greater gusto than Mario after eating an entire plate of funghi.

Ristorante La Famiglia

Not restricting themselves to wicked midday meals, satisfy your morning cravings at Ristorante La Famiglia as well with cornetti filled with Italian pastry cream or mortadella and cheese, and bouncy Italian doughnuts. As avid pastry enthusiasts, we’re already on our way.

Lunch and unbeatable Italian pastries (the best way to start the day) are available from 10:30am Monday to Friday, so cure your mid-week blues with a healthy serving of Brisbane’s best.

Ristorante La Famiglia isn’t familiar with hunger.

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Words by Sophia Lunn
- the gourmand who will be there at 10:30am on the dot.

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