Brooklyn Standard Brazilian Festival

Samba your way to the Brazilian Festival!

When my baby smiles at me I go to… Brooklyn Standard.

Ahh Carnivale! Famous for being one of the biggest, most vibrant parties in the world.  And now the iconic food, music, energy and colours of this sultry South American country are coming right here to Brisbane – and you’re invited.

On Saturday 23rd September, Eagle Lane will transform for the Brazilian Festival!

Immerse yourself in Brazilian culture and enjoy feasting from a collection of food stands, the outside and inside bar (no surprise there – gulp, gulp), folkloric shows, live music and even a few Brazilian DJs to help you get your samba on!

Bring your main squeeze and get your favourites together for an evening to remember. Dress to impress, wear your best dancing shoes and don’t forget to add that Brazilian flair!

No need to fly to 14,000km across the world – just catch an Uber to Brooklyn Standard instead! For more details about the festival, head here

Words by Scarlett Twine