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RSPCA National Cupcake Day

What would you say if we told you could raise money to support the cutest cause in Australia AND eat copious amounts of cake at the same time? Stop stalling and get to the point? Okay, fair enough. August 21st is the RSPCA’s national Cupcake Day, a day in which bakers all across the country whip up their favourite treats in order to raise money for animals in knead (see what we did there?). Anyone can participate, all you have to do is register on the RSPCA website, put your name down, and start looking through recipes. Whether you want to host a cupcake party at home, or show your co-workers that your more than just ‘the girl who accidentally eats other people’s lunches’, there is no wrong way to assemble a group of mates and show them how you roll. Don’t be afraid to take the whisk, sign up today and get baking! The calories don’t count when you’re eating in the name of charity. Words by Georgia Casey