Moreton Bay Restaurants, Bars & Cafes

Regional foodies: Moreton Bay

Moreton Bay Restaurants, Bars & Cafes

Moreton G’day

Slap on a bucket hat and say cya to the city, Brisbane’s beachy cousin is calling for a catch up (and unlike most relative reunions, this visit won’t make your lactose intolerant soul want to eat a block of cheese just to get out of going).

Before stocking up on 3kg worth of shampoo at Costco and filling your car to the brim with Ikea ferns, road-tripping to Moreton Bay means that there are plenty of food stopovers you should take, whatever your main mission might be.

Here’s everything worth working through on your way to Moreton Bay.

Bite Markets | North Harbour

Get more bang for your bite at North Harbour’s newest markets! Opening March 1, Bite’s shipping container selection of eats (cue Eat Street deja vu) will definitely not disappoint, with more than 40 stallholders flinging out the likes of banana spring rolls and fried chicken doughnut burgers. We’re definitely gonna lose our ship, and all our money.

Café Diversity | Redcliffe

Taste the best of all worlds at Redcliffe’s multi-cultural food bebé. From a classic home-robbing smashed avo to Korean scrambled tofu and vegan Sri Lankan curry, breakfast and lunch will give you serious wanderlust with the potential for a mini-Instagram shoot – win win?

Told You So | North Lakes

This place is basically begging every dad to work “told you so” into his joke quota for the day, but it’ll be worth it for the brekkie. Zen yourself back to a happier place with a pop of kombucha as a bagel smeared with Nutella balances out the healthy sip. You’ve just reached peak inner peace.

Suttons Beach Pavilion | Redcliffe

She’s beachside my dudes! Roll up to the iconic 1937 pavilion for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Whether you start the morning strong with vanilla hotcakes or end it on a bucket of buffalo chicken wings, holiday mode will be in full swing, and you won’t regret a single thing.

The Belvedere | Woody Point

Big. Hamptons. Energy. The Belvedere is lathered in beachy white decor, with enough plants to send your green thumb into overdrive. As for the eats, you can’t look past chicken and black bean tacos or a prawn bucket, washed down smoothly with cocktail balloons and beer towers. Is this heaven? Yes. Yes it is.

Sandstone Point Hotel | Sandstone Point

Say Sandstone Point again… Being so close to the water, SP’s venue has had a lot of room to grow over the years, turning it into the wildly large wharf-front hub it is today. Perch yourself under a signature white and blue umbrella on the green and order fresh, seasonal seafood to your hearts content. You’re going to want to be here for a while.

Ocean View Estates Winery & Restaurant | Ocean View

Come for the wine and stay for the views because seriously, these hinterlands have all others green with envy. Looking out onto lush valleys and the vineyard as you knock back a glass of premium vino won’t be the worst way to spend your afternoon, and if things get a little too sip happy, you can even crash on site. Hot tubs and honey bugs anyone?

Flock Eatery | Redcliffe

Sustainably sweet, Flock Eatery focusses on using mother nature for all she’s worth (and she loves it). Fly by for the likes of pimento cheese omelette with slow roasted tomatoes and leg ham, and zucchini and mint fritters served with beetroot hummus, crispy prosciutto, rocket, roasted corn salsa and sesame cheese to get in touch with your organic side.

Mon Komo Hotel | Redcliffe

Well stick me in a garden cabana and call me Havana, Mon Komo Hotel is Redcliffe’s answer to a a place that everyone can get around. Sit back with a lychee martini, grab a grazing board and keep up to date on Facebook to catch what DJs are comin’. This’ll be your party stop.


Bay over bae anyday.

Words by Nicole Portacha
- the gourmand whose cat came from Mango Hill, so she’s basically a local?