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Recipe | Tiramisu Martini from Bar Machiavelli

There is something so deliciously dangerous about dessert cocktails (the dangerous aspect being how easy they are to drink), which simply means you’ll be ‘one, two, three, floor’ before you have time to realise what’s happening to you. Whether you can control yourself or not, cocktails are always a good choice. In light of this knowledge, Bar Machiavelli has graced us with the recipe for their Tiramisu Martini. We are simply here to pay it forward. Ingredients 30ml Avion Espresso tequila 20ml Kahlua coffee liqueur 30ml Nespresso espresso coffee 10ml Baileys Irish cream liqueur Cream float This is a shaken cocktail served in a martini glass. Method 1) Shake tequila, Kahlua and chilled espresso and gently strain into a chilled martini glass. 2) Using a bar spoon, slowly pour the baileys in to the glass which will create a layer at the bottom of the martini. 3) From a squeeze bottle, pour over a little cream on top (float the cream). Drink and enjoy. We think you’ll be saying I tira-miss-u after you drink the last drop of this great mix.