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Recipe: Spanner crab and sweet corn starter

Humidity has hit Brisbane with full force, and with that our appetites swiftly switched from steaming bowls of ramen and curry to wine… and frose… and whatever comes chilled and served with a side of air con. Here to save the day with what to eat on those hot summer nights, iconic riverside restaurant Customs House has hooked us up with a killer spanner crab recipe. The perfect partner? A bottle (or three) of crisp savvy b.
Ingredients (For two people)
150g cooked spanner crabmeat 2 ears of fresh new season sweet corn 10g crushed toasted almond 10g puffed wild rice Fresh onion chives Australian native finger lime 2 grapefruit segments Pinch of salt
1. In a bowl, combine the crab meat, some finely sliced fresh chives, the toasted almonds, grapefruit and finger lime cells and a pinch of salt. Mix together gently and check for seasoning. 2. Carefully cut the kernels from the corn cobb and blend them in a processor until you have a smooth corn juice. At this point, take a nut milk bag, or a new cloth and squeeze the corn mixture through the nut bag to separate the juice. 3. Over a gentle heat, slowly cook the corn juice until it begins to thicken ( as the starch is activated) . When it is quite thick, add a knob of butter and a pinch of salt and then allow to cool in the fridge until custard consistency. 4. To serve, place the crab mixture into the bottom of 2 bowls evenly. To garnish, spoon small amounts of the corn custard onto the crab mixture. For texture add some puffed wild rice and some extra finger lime pearls. 5. Finally, garnish with fresh soft herbs.  (lemon balm, dill, parsley)   Too hot and bothered to craft it yourself? Head into Customs House to try the real deal!   Words by Scarlett Twine