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Recipe roundup: Sushi

If you’ve ever ventured east (or to your nearest sushi train chain), you’ll definitely understand just how much fun sushi can be. Whether it’s trying to fit one whole Inari into your mouth in one go, attempting not to knock five plates off the sushi train in pursuit of your fave tempura veggies, or playing ‘pick the sushi filling’ in foreign speaking country, there’s nothing not to love about the roly poly parcels. So instead of leaving such a fine art to the experts, grab your bamboo sushi mats and perfect some sushi skills yourself. Californian Roll | Make My Sushi The recipe is called sushi perfect, and it is. Whether you’re a sushi novice or a sushiholic, there’s literally no way to stuff this recipe up (unless you try really hard, or are fairly useless… just saying). Make My Sushi shows us how to incorporate American fusion into a timeless sushi recipe to create an all time favourite roll. For some extra pizazz, roll it in different orders to make inside out sushi look extra swish! sprinkle bakes 1 Matcha Cake Sushi Rolls | Sprinkle Bakes You’ll be saying ‘thankyou very matcha’ after you wrap your gob around one of these babies, and you may very well never touch savoury sushi again (you have been warned). They taste as good as they look, happily wrapped in a tasty cloud of green tea sponge, filled with sweet butter cream frosting and topped with icing sugar. To add an authentic sushi touch, sprinkle with orange hundreds and thousands and hey presto – look how kawaii! clean eating Sushi Salad | Clean Eating If the struggle just gets all too real and you’ve got rice up to your elbows, torn seaweed everywhere and a bamboo mat that won’t do what it’s told, never fear, the sushi salad is here! Sushi can be a time consuming business, especially if you don’t have the whole ‘roll and tuck’ situation down to a fine art. But time or no time, it’s hard not to love any good rice/tuna/salad combo, so try this sushi salad out for size (less time cooking, more time eating). food and wine Salmon Sashimi with ginger and hot sesame seed oil | Food and Wine This sashimi recipe is the salmon to our sticky rice. When you’re not feeling a good old Californian roll, and a tuna boat just doesn’t float yours, then why not pair it back to the more traditional, simplistic form of a sushi great (if raw fish doesn’t wig you out). rawsome Raw nori wraps | This Rawsome Vegan Life Got a hankering for sushi but your raw cleanse is proving to be seriously limiting? Skip the rice and those babies up with loads of fresh veg instead! You can even whip up a spicy raw sauce to dip them in. So, break out the sushi mat this weekend. They see me rollin’… Words by Lucille Burkitt