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Recipe roundup: S'mores

The humble s’more is a staple when it comes to American camp-outs and we want in on the fun. How could we not? We’ve all toasted marshmallows into melted deliciousness before, but s’mores take it to the next scrumptious level by adding graham crackers and chocolate. And why should Americans have all the fun? We’ve tracked down some traditional and not so traditional s’mores recipes to get you addicted to the delightful treat (stereotypical teen movie not required). They’re so good you’ll be begging for s’more (we had to). Traditional s’mores | Domestic Mommyhood S’mores are pretty damn good just the way they are, a simple sandwich of oozing melted chocolate and marshmallow between the sweet crunch of graham crackers. A staple for any campfire (or your gas stove – it is bushfire season after all). Sure you can mess with a classic and have some excellent results (just keep reading for proof) but you can never replace the original. Smores-recipe-nachosS’mores nachos | Krafted Koch This is nacho average dessert. This sweet take on a savoury favourite is all too delectable and perfect for sharing (not that we would). Just imagine nachos but instead of corn chips, salsa and cheese, you’ve got pita chips, marshmallow and chocolate. It will not last long, even if you aren’t sharing. smores-recipe-cakeS’mores ice-cream cake | Kraft Canada No bonfire needed for a dessert this cool. The ingredients alone are delicious, with chocolate, ice-cream, marshmallows and graham crackers, but put them together and you have the ultimate #foodporn. Do not hesitate to get your slice of the action. smores-recipe-popcornS’mores popcorn | Cravings of a Lunatic We have Hollywood movies to thank for knowing about s’mores so why not pay tribute to the traditional movie munchies with this crunchy treat? Though the chocolatey, marshmallow bliss may just have you missing half the movie to go and make a second batch. smore-recipe-pretzelPretzel s’mores | Teacher Chef A little bit salty, a lot sweet makes for an indulgent snack that is all too s’morish. Taking the traditional graham crackers and replacing them with pretzels is bite sized genius. And they’re so easy to make that when you suddenly find you’ve gone through a whole batch you can just whip up another. smores-recipe-rawRaw s’mores | Purely Twins Raw means healthy right? As in it’s okay if we eat the whole lot at once? This raw take on s’mores takes a little more effort than the traditional treat, but allows for s’more love even if you’re a health nut. You won’t be able to resist having s’more. Words by Typhanie Vayro