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Recipe roundup: Boozy Popsicles

We all love a cheeky cocktail, especially as the weather heats up. Big vats of fruity scrumptiousness, blended with shots of fun. The only problem is they’re waaaaaay too easy to drink and before you know it you’re in bed before 10pm with no idea what happened to your pants. A fab plan for both stretching out the fun and keeping cool at your next deck party? Chuck ‘em in the freezer! Here’s a few ideas to get your party started. Pina Colada | Shutterbean These popsicles smell fresh, beachy and would be perfect for a 70’s rum and pineapple themed pool party. Throw some snags on the BBQ, whack them on a bit of bread and slurp these delicious popsicles before, during and after. You’re welcome. mangopopsicles Mango Mojito | Tasty Trials These babies are a great way to use the glut of mangoes that fall off your neighbour’s tree and into your pool. Mangoes are perfect for breakfast, lunch AND dinner this time of year and now, we can add after dinner drinks to that list! margarita Margarita | Confections of a Foodie Bride We all love a frozen margarita but slurp the contents of those salty glasses too quickly and you’ll earn yourself the dreaded ‘brain freeze.’ This icy version will slow down the eager sipping. Serve each popsicle with a bowl of salt flakes for dipping to mimic the salt rim that we all love so much. Tropical-Tequila-Sunrise-Popsicles-via-Real-Food-by-Dad Tequila Sunrise | Real food by Dad Tequila sunrises used to be cool and hip decades ago, back when Mum and Dad were radical groovers (now there’s a thought we won’t follow further). These popsicles might just bring the cocktail back into style. Only 4 ingredients needed: tequila, pineapple juice, fresh pineapple and grenadine. Bourbon-Butterscotch-Latte-Poptails_Endless-Simmer1 Bourbon Butterscotch Latte | Endless Summer You had me at latté. No, no, you had me at butterscotch. NOPE, hang on, you actually had me at bourbon. pimscuppopsiclesPimms | Shutterbean Jugs of Pimms on a sunny afternoon with finger sandwiches, butterfly cakes and scones. Perfection. But here’s a lovely alternative to jugs of Pimms if the afternoon heat is less than pleasant, and Aunty Mavis is prone to heatstroke. If you’re inventing your own delicious boozy popsicle remember, alcohol doesn’t freeze, so don’t overdo your shots unless you’d prefer a slushie. Oooh now there’s an idea! nims xx