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Recipe Round-up: Tacos

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When it comes to taco night we love Old El Paso as much as the next person, but sometimes you just need something a little different. And no, we don’t mean picking up ‘crispy chicken’ instead of ‘stand ‘n stuff’ (though how genius is the taco bowl?). We mean something unlike any taco you’ve tried before. So we’ve rounded up our favourite taco recipes for your next night of taco madness. We found plenty of not so tasty recipes in the process of our search: taco stroganoff, lasagne, casserole and stew to name a few. But fear not because we would never lead you astray when it comes to Mexican! Although that taco grilled cheese did sound good… Farmer’s Market Breakfast Taco | Layers of Happiness You’ll find layers of happiness in this morning taco, layers of cheesy scrambled eggs, maple glazed bacon, fresh herbs and corn tortillas to be precise. We think it’s the perfect excuse to turn taco Tuesday into taco Sunday brunch. Fish Tacos with Avocado + Coriander Sauce| Host the Toast Before we tried them for ourselves, we didn’t think we’d be a huge fan of fish tacos because, well fish. Holy guacamole were we wrong. Taco ‘bout delicious. Spicy, crisp and springtime fresh, this seafood version will have you well and truly converted. Chicken Taco Stack | Bev Cooks How do you get more tacos on your plate? You stack ‘em of course! Bev’s onto a winner with this tower of tortillas, chicken, beans, peppers and of course, loads and loads of cheese. We’re pretty sure there will not be leftovers. Cauliflower Tacos | Blissful Basil Vegetarians? Leave the beans in their can in the cupboard for once and switch to these vibrant cauliflower tacos. All at once tangy, crispy, creamy and vibrant, they’re so scrumptious you won’t even miss the protein. Bonus, they’re so healthy you can stuff yourself with them without any guilt. Raw Tacos | Foodista These tacos might take a little more effort (we’re thinking too much for them to become a weekly dinner) but they’re definitely worth it if you’re into the raw food craze. Skip the soggy cauliflower tortillas or lettuce leaf substitutes and try these spiced-up raw shells instead. Ice-cream Tacos | Nellie Bellie Yep, we are for real. Ice-cream tacos are a thing. You’ve heard of dessert pizza, now try dessert tacos. Complete with cinnamon, chocolate sauce and sprinkles, they’re enough to make your next Taco Tuesday go down in history as the best ever. Some days call for hard-shell tacos, some days for soft-shell tacos. Either way, there will be tacos. Words by Ranyhyn Akui