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Recipe Round-up: Ice Cream Sandwiches

Whoever decided ice cream and biscuits were not tasty enough on their own and decided they should become a pair, was a (hard to please) genius. Never again will Summer days see spoons or wooden sticks littering the veranda, the ice cream sandwich is an entirely edible dessert worth risking sticky fingers for. Here’s a few recipes that will melt your hearts before they melt in your mouth. Chocolate Dipped peanut butter, Oreo, mocha ice cream sandwiches | Half Baked Harvest If you’ve ever struggled to choose between favourite flavours of chocolate, peanut butter, oreo and mocha, deliberate no more. This ice cream sandwich combines these 4 key food groups and unsurprisingly, put together, they are perfect. It’s a party for your tastebuds. HDicecreamsandwhichHazel, Nutella and caramel ice cream sandwich | Food & Wine For fellow Nutella connoisseurs, this recipe will take your standard spoon and jar dessert speciality and raise you caramel ice cream and dacquoise (fancy biscuit) to feed your addiction. Harder to spell than bake, the hazelnut dacquoise sandwiches are Nutella mixed with white chocolate and caramel ice cream. Vegan-Chai-Ice-Cream-Sandwiches-with-GF-V-Ginger-CookiesVegan chai ginger ice cream sandwiches | Minimalist Baker For the vegans and coeliacs out there who don’t double take at the word ice-cream (bravo), this one’s for you! These creamy, sweet and spicy ice cream sandwiches are made with soft ginger cookies and velvety chai ice-cream. Even you’re a regular milk-drinking, wheat-eating foodie, these are a treat worth the effort. icecreamsanwichgiantGiant choc chip ice cream sandwich cake | HF Weekend On the rare (or not so rare) occasion that a sandwich serving size isn’t quite enough, behold the ice cream sandwich cake! Perfect for a birthday, summer day with friends or indulgent feast for one wearing stretchy pants, this giant choc chip cookie with vanilla ice cream is easy even for the most rookie of dessert chefs. icecreamsandwichespopcornPopcorn and caramel ice cream sandwich | Spicy Ice Cream Popcorn, the ultimate versatile snack food has been taken a step further. We were on board with the caramel and popcorn partnership ages ago but with the addition of ice cream in sandwich form, it’s safe to say our obsession is reaching new heights. This recipe sees candied popcorn sandwiching caramel ice cream and doused in chocolate. ice-cream-sandwiches-raspberryBrownie raspberry swirl ice cream sandwiches | Sugar Hero Chocolate brownies, vanilla ice cream and raspberries are a combo that dreams (and food babies) are made of and in the form of an ice cream sandwich – well obviously, food baby ensues. These decadent sandwiches are substantial enough to eat with your hands and the best part – you’ll scoff them so quickly you won’t be left with sticky fingers. vegan ice cream sandwiches (raspberry brownie)-29Vegan, Gluten Free, Raw-ish raspberry brownie ice cream sandwich | Bojon Gourmet Clean, raw and vegan are not generally words found in the same sentence as ice cream sandwich but this recipe proves there’s a first time for everything. For those struggling through a new year health kick, these raspberry brownie ice cream sandwiches will give you a hit of ‘bad’ while keeping you feeling good. Does that mean we can get away with eating 3 (or 7)? Because spoons and popsicle sticks are so last Summer. Words by Tayla Trask