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Recipe round-up: For the love of pav

Pavlova is the classic Queensland dessert, a sweet, marshmallowy delight that can be dressed up or dressed down, taken to the family BBQ or just tucked into with a spoon on breezy verandas. Easy to whip up and even easier to eat, we think pavlovas are the perfect spring dessert. Especially smothered in fresh fruit – and plenty of cream. So we’ve rounded up a whole list of delicious versions for your next spring gathering. Or just to brighten up a stormy night. passionfruitpavlova The Classic | Stephanie Alexander There’s nothing like a traditional pavlova to make you feel like your back in Mum’s hand-whipping cream and sneaking a few spoonfuls when her back is turned. This classic version has a crisp meringue shell and soft, marshmallowy center smothered in fresh cream and drizzled with tangy passionfruit. choc-nutella-pavlova Chocolate Nutella Pavlova | Love Swah Chocoholics need not be discouraged – Pavlova can be just as chocolaty as it can be fruity. A dense crisp chocolate, hazelnut meringue, smothered in whipped cream, filled with rich chocolate drowned in gooey nutella – this baby isn’t even going to make it out of kitchen before its gone. lemonpavlova Lemon Cream Pavlovas | The Baker Chick Imagine a lemon meringue pie, minus the pie, and you’ll have a delicious crisp, chewy and airy meringue filled with lemon curd and fluffy whipped cream. Plus, the recipe makes six mini-sized cakes – so you can hide four for later and pretend you only made two to share. berrypavlova Raspberry Pomegranate Layered Pavlova | The Hungry Australian This is berry good recipe is a deliciously decedent twist on the old favorite. A combination of raspberries and dried rose petals between layers of crispy meringue all held together with fluffy cream will look like something out of a food magazine now matter how messy the execution is. 0212GT-classic-eton-mess-628 Eton Mess | Gourmet Traveller Forget about mastering the perfect unbreakable meringue base, it’s time to appreciate the art of smashing, crumbling and cracking pavlova to pieces. This one is an easy crowd pleaser – a little cup of goodness filled with fluffy whipped cream, fresh fruit and smashed meringue. See, there’s a reason pavlova is a dessert classic. Stop drooling, grab your aprons and start baking! Words by Millicent Bax