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Ramen burgers and sizzling brownies at Southside Bistro

Even if you venture over to Sunnybank pretty often, there’s one tucked away café and bistro that you might not have discovered yet – but should definitely put on your must eat list. Southside Bistro have been dishing up some seriously tasty takes on tapas, burgers and desserts for just over 12 months now, and are slowly taking over Insta-feeds everywhere with their drool-worthy dishes. Hidden away at the back of the Sunny Park Shopping Centre, this cosy café is a haven of rustic décor and smiling service, with an outdoor patio lit with festoon lights for chilled brunches, group dinners and late night desserts. But once you catch sight of their feeds, you might not even notice the décor – you’ll be too busy staring open mouthed at crispy ramen burgers piled with tender pork belly, chocolate brownies sizzling with chocolate fudge sauce, and deep fried matcha ice cream baos! southsidebistro-2 Already drooling and making plans for a feed? There’s plenty more to get you excited! If you’ve been looking for a south side spot to get your brunch on every week, Southside Bistro might just be your new Sunday morning regular, with epic breakfast dishes like black sesame pancakes with green tea ice cream and peanut mochi balls, and beetroot and carrot hash with harissa sour cream and crisp pancetta. You won’t even have to get up early – the brunch menu is available from 10.30am to 2.30pm! southside-bistro-3 If savoury lunch and dinner feasts are more your style, take a few friends and tuck into plates and plates of slow cooked lamb belly ribs, sumac and polenta crumbed chicken, four cheese sticks and sesame crumbed whiting salads (hot tip: you can pair them with half price sangria jugs on Sundays!). Not one for sharing? Grab a fluffy bao burger stuffed with double cooked pork belly, slow cooked lamb or sesame crumbed chicken fillet! And a side of the crispiest fries this side of the river. Whatever you do, just make sure you leave room for dessert (or maybe drop in for the sweet course all on its own). Combining a little whacky Japanese inspiration with Western flavours (and generous portion sizes!), this line up of mochi ice cream in flavours of cherry, mango and mint, earl grey and espresso, and their infamous sizzling matcha and white chocolate brownie will have you in a sugar coma before you know it. southsidebistro-4 Do we even need to mention that kids eat free on weeknights between 4-7pm, that you can get a free homemade iced tea with their lunch specials from Monday to Friday, or that they do late night pizzas from 8-12pm? We didn’t think so. Find Southside Bistro at 342 McCullough Street, Sunnybank, open 7 days a week from 10.30am-midnight. Words by Ranyhyn Akui Images by Judit Losh