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Raising the bar for coffee in the CBD: Street Lab Specialty Coffee

Boy, have we got a brew for you.

The team at Street Lab Specialty Coffee has a clear mantra – coffee is everything – and we’re drinking it in! Infinitely passionate about serving a quality drop to their customers, this inner-city spot offers a reliable CBD coffee fix with the expertise and passion of Australia’s best specialty coffee destinations.

Enter the sleek space at 120 Edward St (on the corner of Edward and Charlotte Streets), and you’ll get that first delicious smell of coffee. With ample seating and chic spots for casual meetings or coffee catch-ups, the CBD crowd is stopping by for more than just their morning coffee.

Customers are also encouraged to try deliciously unique pour over, Aeropress and syphon brews. Not familiar? This knowledgeable lot are always on hand to teach you everything you need to know about your new favourite brew. Coffee lovers’ interest will also be piqued by their sleep 3Temp Hipster brewer – the only extraction system of its kind in Australia!

While the house coffee is by Melbourne’s iconic St Ali roasters, Street Lab always has multiple blends and single origins on offer, with beans from across Brisbane and Australia available as espresso, filter, and batch-brewed coffees. In terms of food offerings, you’ll find some delicious, flakey croissants courtesy of Chouquette, as well as some unique and decadent Japanese-style cheesecakes from Mountain River.

Street Lab Specialty Coffee is open weekdays from 7 am to 3 pm in the heart of the CBD, ready to provide you with a quality brew and grow your coffee knowledge along the way!


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Words by Elizabeth Markwell
- the gourmand who's cruising for a brew-sing.