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Raise Hell With Maggie: Brisbane's Latest Laneway Bar

We considered ourselves to be hell raisers, but that was before we met Hellcat Maggie. The cheeky hole-in-the wall laneway bar and kitchen is a little slice of downtown New York, smack bang in the middle of Brisbane city.

Named after the notorious American criminal, Hellcat Maggie won’t be your cup of tea, but she might just be your shot of whisky!

Embracing Melbourne’s laneway vibes, the relaxed space is the perfect spot the escape the hustle and bustle of the CBD – without losing your street cred.

Serving up share-style meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner, seven days a week, if you’re hungry – Maggie will feed you. Just don’t expect to stick to your paleo diet once you cross the threshold, we’re flinging the activated almonds out the door and tucking into American style BBQ plates with spicy buffalo wings, perfectly cooked fries and sliders. Keen to spice things up? The Mexican Fiesta boards are loaded with crunchy nachos with guac, corn on the cob with chilli sauce and parmesan and lush tacos.

Consider yourself a bit of a badass? If you truly think you’ve got what it takes, prepare your body for the Tower of Terror. The epic burgers features a wagyu patty, American cheese and a top-secret Hellcat sauce – spicy!

It’s not just the food packing a punch either, with their spicy ‘Maggies Blood’, with vodka, pomegranate and lime and their specialty brew, the Hellcat Lager.

Beer isn’t the only thing brewing at Maggie, she is keeping our hearts racing with more than just excitement! Pouring rich Zeus coffee from their Humanity Coffee Co boutique coffee container, whether you like your bean water as black as your soul or sweet and milky.

No matter if you’re a corporate commuter, stressed student, suburban housewife, or 1940s gangster –everyone can come to Hellcat Maggie and take a walk on the wild side.


Words by Emma Callaghan
- the gourmand who thinks she’s a badass but is all of 5ft tall.