Wine Selectors: 50 Best Wines

Raise a glass (or 50) with Wine Selectors

Wine Selectors

Whether you’re a finely aged oenophile or freshly pressed into the world of all things good and grape, Wine Selectors’ 50 Best Tasting is an unmissable annual event.

Pouring at Fortitude Valley’s luxe Calile Hotel on Thursday, February 7, Wine Selectors’ 50 Best Tasting will feature the Tasting Panel’s picks from the more than 4000 (!) wines they encountered in 2018.

Hosted by Adam Walls (Wine Selectors’ wine educator and judge) and members of the Tasting Panel, the 50 Best Tasting will present fans with a mix of popular and fringe varieties of Australian-grown and produced wine. Lighter reds, longer skin contact drops, sparkling wines of all methods and styles, and (even more) rosé are Adam’s picks for 2019 wine trends, as well as carefully-devised blended wines.

“No longer will these wines be seen as an afterthought,” says Adam. “Today our winemakers are purposefully crafting wines from multiple varieties, and the results are stunning.”

Though he’s an expert with enviable knowledge, Adam’s approach to wine (whether judging or drinking for pleasure) is as balanced as a Clare Valley riesling.

“From a wine drinking point of view, all you need to consider is: do you like that wine?”

For someone looking to start their exploration of the wide world of wine (the only WWW we care about), Adam recommends you start small and “focus on one thing at a time. This could be a region, a grape variety, a winery itself, or a winemaking method… If it’s a variety, for instance, find out where it hails from, its key regions in Australia and what its defining characteristics are.”

Just like drinking wine? Adam says “having an adventurous mindset and tasting as much as you can will go a long way,” and Wine Selectors’ 50 Best Tasting sounds like a pretty good place to start.

Words by Georgia Condon
- the gourmand who’s giddy at the thought of trying 4000 wines