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Queen of Pops

How do you like your coffee? Hot? Sweet? Black? Bubbly? Frozen? Ok, those last two might sound a little unfamiliar, but Clayfield’s new Queen of Pops offers all of the above and more. From the team behind Dandelion & Driftwood comes this new hole in the wall Brisbane café doing all things caffeinated and sweet. Complete with the most adorable branding ever – think crowns, black and white stripes and even custom designed rose gold coffee machines – Queen of Pops is set to take over the north side, followed by Australia, with their quirky treats. queen of pops 1Their specialty is coffee popsicles, a frozen version of your morning pick-me-up. No nasty fake flavourings here, the key ingredient is a double ristretto of specialty coffee in blend or single origin beans. With flavours of long black, cappuccino, mocha and chai latte (which includes tea instead of coffee), summers just got a whole lot more caffeinated. You can of course get your coffee in the regular way, prince, queen or king sized – or you can sip on the cafes other specialty, nitrogen cold brew. The hot new trend in the coffee world, nitro coffee comes on tap like beer, and is cold, bubbly and silky smooth after being treated with nitrogen under high pressure. queen of pops 5Those who can’t handle the buzz can try a nitro cold brew tea, fusing cherry, hibiscus, rosehip and blackberry for a refreshing drink or a Pop Soda (which are designed for the young ‘uns but will totally appeal to big kids too). A counter full of sweet treats and gingerbread ‘pops’ make the perfect match to whichever style of coffee you choose, while the food menu features goodies like toasted sandwiches, bagels and banana bread. All named appropriately, of course. With ham off the bone, melted cheddar and mustard pickle relish, Prince Charming (sandwich) never sounded so good. queen of pops 2Take your treats away or enjoy them in the cozy outdoor picnic area, adorned with astroturf and a white picket fence. Queen of Pops is open Monday to Saturday. Words by Ranyhyn Akui