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Put down the goon - Let's get crafty

Bottle shops can be overwhelming. Rows and rows of gleaming wine bottles, fridges of cold six-packs and shelves of intimidating spirits. What’s the difference between this $5 cleanskin shiraz and the $46 pinot noir winking at you?

We don’t pretend to be experts (although our bar receipts tell a different story) so we like to leave it up to the pros. We’ve rounded up our favourite craft bottle shops to save us from social pariahdom with expert staff and a seriously sexy selection.


Offering a boutique range of beer, wine and spirits – Sense of Taste is not so much a bottle shop as it is a journey. Enjoy sit down tasting sessions with wine makers and spirit experts, as well as live demonstrations from brewers at their brewing station. Deli cabinets stuffed with fine cheese, cured meats and pastes make it a one stop shopping experience – with expert staff helping you make your match.


Perched up high in Red Hill looking down on all the plebs is Craft. The family run bottle shop boasts an extensive collection of boutique wines, craft beers and ciders. Leave all your reservations on Musgrave Terrace and let the highly knowledgable staff guide to you to dinner party glory. You just KNOW that Joyce is going to lose it over that 2016 Syrah. 


From the Batman mural screaming ‘Bring Wine’ to the jaw dropping collection of boutique wine, craft beers and top shelf spirits – walking into Vulture & Grey is akin to walking into our wildest fantasies. The enthusiastic team are passionate about their diverse offering, and are constantly on the hunt for new inclusions – from small vineyards to niche distilleries. The store also hosts wine tastings every Friday night, sounds like a good excuse to sip!


Whining about your lack of wine? There’s no excuse with The Wine Emporium around. The world class store offers an almost unbelievable (seriously, you’ve got to see it to believe it) range or premium Australian and imported wines. With weekly free in-store tastings, special events and wine dinners – if you want it, they’ve got it. A grasshopper wanting to become a master? Check out their wine education program – you’ll be rubbing shoulders with soms in no time.


Bar or brewery? Why not both? Malt Traders are pushing boundaries with their hybrid store – and we’re not complaining. Choose your tipple directly from the shelf, take a seat and relax. Need to line your stomach before you start sipping? Choose from meat or cheeseboards or BYO food – eating is never cheating.  Looking to take away? Malt’s focus is on sustainable, unique, craft beverages including beers, bio-dynamic wines and single malt whisky’s. Looking for something special? Ask the staff – chances are if they can’t find it in store, they can get it in for you. Cuties. No matter your tipple, dram or drop – these guys know what’s up. 

Words by Emma Callaghan
- the gourmand who can DEFINITELY tell the difference between red and white wine.