Pull up at Motorwagen for unexpected delights

Pull up at Motorwagen for unexpected delights

Pull up at Motorwagen for unexpected delights

In the spirit of Karl Benz’s world-changing innovation, Motorwagen has rolled into town with a menu to wow.

Nestled in the city’s Mercedes Benz dealership, most things about Motorwagen, from the stunning minimal fit-out to the jaw-dropping culinary offering, are totally unexpected.

Motorwagen’s Head Chef, Dario Manca, brings a wealth of experience to the venue that is joyfully expressed in the menu; his experiences working with the likes of Heinz Beck and Gordon Ramsay are on every plate.

While the menu is packed with tempting, intricate options to explore, we had Chef Dario explain his favourites, and what it takes to make Motorwagen’s menu so delicious.

Pull up at Motorwagen for unexpected delights

For entrée, Dario recommends the culurgiones – hand-made Sardinian ravioli filled with potato, cheese and paprika, served with a cacio e pepe sauce and spicy nduja oil.

I come from the northern side of Italy but in my veins runs Sardinian blood,” he says. “Working with one of my great mentors, Giovanni Pilu, ignited the passion for my Sardian heritage. I love this dish due to its balance between simplicity and complexity.”

Dario’s pride in this pasta dish is no surprise – he recently represented Australia in the Barilla Pasta World Championship! As for Motorwagen’s culurgiones, “each ravioli is hand-made with at least 15 – 18 pinches,” Dario explains.

For mains, Dario suggests the slow-cooked lamb breast, served with a scapece of zucchini, mint, garlic and vinegar, potato purée and pickled zucchini.

This dish is a favourite of mine because it uses a difficult cut of meat that is often overlooked,” explains Dario. “The beautiful flavours and tenderness of the lamb come out through a 16-hour cooking process.”

Pull up at Motorwagen for unexpected delights

Motoring on to dessert, Dario is eager to explain the braised red capsicum with white chocolate, apple cider vinegar tuille, and lemon thyme – you read right. Dario says his love of experimentation inspired the dish: “It is a challenge and keeps me alive creating desserts that are playing with the traditional concept of what a dessert is. 

“To bring out the sweetness… the capsicum is deep-fried, peeled and prepared in three different forms. The white chocolate ice-cream, due to its beautiful creaminess, has a preparation time of 16 hours.  The lemon thyme sprinkled on this ice-cream adds a fresh aromatic note to the dessert.”

Motorwagen’s menu can be experienced across lunch, dinner, and five- and seven-course degustations – ensure you’ve fastened your seatbelt before experiencing the big flavours on offer from Chef Dario.

Words by Georgia Condon
- the gourmand who will eat anything and call it dessert