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Pony Dining’s new winter cocktail menu

The art of cocktail making has come a long way, from a time when two nips of whatever bourbon you had on hand was tossed over some ice with some angostura thrown in almost as an afterthought, to the world we currently know of flare bartending and garnishes you’d expect on a dessert plate rather than in your glass. But whether you are a simple does the trick kind of guy/gal, or a fancier the better cocktail connoisseur, we can call a spade a spade and recognise that all cocktails have a place in this world. Pony Dining at Eagle St Pier understand this better than most. With a cocktail list to satisfy even the harshest of critics, bar manager Adam Delany and his team pride themselves on knowing what they do, and doing it well. With this in mind, and not ever being ones to turn down the prospect of delicious drinks (or four), we headed off to Pony as soon as we heard there was a winter cocktail menu on the horizon. Hot Buttered Rum This one is for all the gourmands out there. Butter, vanilla, nutmeg, orange zest, Sailor Jerry spiced rum, and a cinnamon stick delicately swim in a warm, fogging glass. Did someone say butter? Black Bullet Can’t think how you’re possibly going to replace that perfect summer, salt-rimmed margarita? Try this mix of Bullet bourbon, black current jam, muddled orange, and orange bitters all perfectly poured into a jam rimmed, (yes jam rimmed) rocks glass. Peanut Butter Jelly Time This concoction of vodka, strawberry jam, milk and egg white, is, if possible, even more delightful than it’s name. We could keep going, but we know it’s more fun to learn by doing. So get yourselves down to Pony stat, winter cocktail menus are short lived in the sunshine state. Pony Dining | Eagle St Pier Words by Ashleigh Docherty