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Plant Power at West End's Grown

Vegan and vegetarian are no longer dirty words. Gone are the sceptical looks in local cafes when asking for breakfast without bacon; the swap to plant based food options is now less of a ‘trend’ and more of a lifestyle choice.

West End’s newest neighbour Grown is sure to please the plant loving populous and local foodies alike, with food so good you won’t believe it’s animal product free.

While focusing on breakfast and lunch at present, they’re hoping to expand the menu to include dinner in the near future, so you can enjoy lush vegan meals at your leisure! The menu is small but packs a punch, with your typical café favourites given a revamp to suit the plant-based palate.

Early crowd favourites include the hash brown with confit capsicum sauce;  roasted eggplant with tabouli and black olive tapenade; and pan fried zucchini with spicy veggie broth and quinoa crackers.

Sweet-tooths are catered for in the form of lemon pannacotta with housemade granola and seasonal fruit, and brioche French toast (with pepper ice cream and caramel sauce no less!). Even typical avocado on toast has been jazzed up with vegemite and sesame cheese on sourdough, while porridge is replaced by a savoury creamy polenta with fresh lentils and fried shallots.

Our foodie pick is definitely the scrambled tofu, packed with sautéed mushrooms and a hint of garlic, served on sourdough laden with sesame cheese (which tastes like a nuttier version of good old spreadable Philly).

Pro tip – add the extra avocado, you won’t regret it! With food like this, you won’t need mum to remind you to eat your vegetables.

Make like a tree and leave your next brunch experience to Grown. Who knows, they may just grow on you. 

Words by Kat Gridley