Plant-based burgers make themselves home on Fish Lane | The Gourmand & Gourmet

Plant-based burgers make themselves home on Fish Lane

Veganism is so 2019.

It’s out with the beef, in with the vEEF (vegan beef) this year as Fish Lane’s much anticipated vegan burger joint makes itself at home.

Serving high quality plant-based burgers and vegan ice cream, GrassFed is the hottest thing to hit veganism since the discovery of mushroom, and we’d kale for another bite of their delectable creations.

Think you know veggie burgers? Leaf those mushy pea patties behind and settle in for seven affordable burgers made with mouth-watering vegan beef, chick’en schnitzels, falafel, and ‘pork’ (jackfruit and vegan bacon) that’ll confuse your taste buds in the best way.

Enjoy the full diner experience when you pair your burg with a chocolate, strawberry or caramel shake topped with soy whipped cream! Still feeling that sweet tooth? With four flavours of ice cream including the warm chocolate chip cookie dough with salted caramel, dessert is sorted.

You avocadon’t want to miss this.

Words by Sophia Lunn

- the gourmand who won’t start beef with anyone, but is always up for vEEF