Pink pineapples are the new black | The Gourmand & Gourmet

Pink pineapples are the new black

We’ll admit we generally clamour for anything coated in chocolate before eyeing off the fruit salad, but there’s something new that has us pine-ing for a healthy snack. Rosé, frosé, and all things pink have dominated the summer drinks scene this year, so you can imagine our joy (which here means drooling for hours over Pinterest) upon the discovery of an all-new variety of pink pineapples. Grown in Costa Rica, these pretty-in-pink beauties have been genetically modified to match our rosé-heavy wine racks and enhanced with a sweet enough flavour to hide the heavy splash of rum in our piña coladas (dream food? We think so). If, like us, a lot of people have tried convincing you that fruit is ‘nature’s candy’ (we’re looking at you, mum, and the lie still hurts), it’s hard not to feel a little tickled pink at this piece of justice for those years spent accepting apple slices as ‘dessert’. While our pink pineapple friends probably won’t be making an appearance in Australia any time soon, they’ve just nabbed approvals from the FDA and USDA, so prepare for a whole lot of pretty snaps of fruit salad and upside-down cakes (and just think of the pizza!). It’s safe to say we’ll be dreaming indefinitely of frosé glasses garnished with pink pineapple wedges, but for now, we’ll just take our fruit salad in rosé form. Hey, it counts, OK? BRB – heading to the lab to see if different colours can make cauliflower more fun. Words by Samantha Chariton Image by Extra Crispy