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Pineapple Express superfood café hits Hamilton

Let your winter woes about never fitting into a bikini again be gone with Portside’s newest kid on the block, Pineapple Express. Bringing summer back all year round, this new healthy wholefoods café has come to the rescue of the health-conscious clique and ice cream lovers alike. Perfectly situated just off the river in Portside, so you can take your healthy treats down to the water and pretend you’re already at the beach, the superfood café and juice bar is serving up nutritious meals and paleo treats for regular clean eaters and occasional guilt dieters alike, including our new addiction, Cocowhip. With a menu full of kale, chia seeds and cacao, it’s sure to be the new mecca for health food on the run. You can get your superfood fix all day day long at the cafe, with morning eats like protein pancakes topped with mixed berries, honey, coconut yoghurt and bee pollen and green breakfast bowls packed with kale, avocado and eggs. For lunch, tuck into naked burgers in a lettuce ‘bun’ and zucchini pasta. Because we all love our carbs, but we also love our skinny jeans. Acai’d from tasty sit down meals that are sure to give you superpowers, you can also pop in for a feed on the run (not an actual run though – you might be fit but you can’t eat acai bowls at 10kms an hour) with treats like freshly squeezed juices, smoothies, raw sweets, chia puddings and of course, Cocowhip, the dairy-free, low fat ice cream substitute taking the world by storm. Death by chocolate – healthified. Pineapple Express isn’t just for those who enjoy a leisurely brunch date with their walking companions, it’s also for rushed commuters, mums with kids and anyone who wants to put a zing in their step. They even have a special express window for those who want to grab and go, and a ‘text for express’ option so you can order via text to get your goodies. If only being healthy was always this fast and easy! Words by Sheldon Hikaiti Image credit: Running with Tongs