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Pimp my Toast

It’s been held accountable for ruining millennials dreams of home ownership and been known to cause riots when its below or above a certain price – but let’s be honest, it doesn’t matter how much that magic green fruit is we’re still want it smashed, mashed and smothered all over our artisanal sourdough. Ooooh yeah baby!

But how do you like YOUR avo toast? Are you a purist and believe that a lemon wedge is all that’s required – or are you the kind of breakfast advocate that needs something extra? We avocadon’t want none unless it’s pimped out hun! Not all avocado toasts were created equal, so we’ve rounded up the best that Brisbane has on offer.


From its quirky atmosphere to its downright delicious breakfast menu, we’re plum crazy for this Red Hill venue. Keep it classic with sourdough topped with pumpkin puree, pepitas and salad – or spice things up with a gluten free wildcard!

The sweet potato slab whilst not TECHNICALLY toast, is still damn tasty, and it comes topped with avocado, sesame cheese, pomegranate and a zucchini and watermelon radish salad – so we’re granting it honorary toast status.


For avo toast that will really spice up your life, we avocan’t look past Snag and Brown! Think dark rye grain avocado toast, topped with chimichurri, pomegranate, charred corn, heirloom tomatoes, roasted beetroot hummus and burnt lime. The south side café is also pupper friendly, so bring your favourite four-legged friend and get stuck in!


Located in the home of Brisbane’s fitspo culture, Wilde’s avo toast fits definitely fits the bill. Smashed on paleo toast with fetta, fermented beetroot puree and spiced super seeds – the only thing making this healthier would be to wash it down with a bulletproof coffee or supercharged smoothie.


It’s no surprise that the northsides sassiest café is also home to some of Brisbane’s best green gold. With homemade beetroot relish, slices of glorious, golden haloumi and microherbs. Lemon? We all know orange is the superior citrus so squeeze on some of that sunshine and get eatin’. Wash it down one of the best goddamn coffees in the sunshine state or even a cheeky breakfast beer and you’ve got yourself a Sunday to remember.


This quirky little café is known not only for its passion for preserving, fermenting and pickling – but also for their dedication to serving food made from only seasonal produce. The Jam Pantry ‘flips the boards’ every four weekends based on what local farmers have harvested that month – so you’re always bound to find something creative. On our last visit we discovered avocado on sourdough with fresh strawberries, pickled blueberries, dill and sheep’s milk labne, and toasted pecans, but it won’t stick around for long!


The name might have changed but Naïm realise that their legendary avocado toast is irreplaceable. Smashed, seasoned avocado, Persian feta, dukkah, two poached eggs and a pomegranate gel, sitting regally on toasted sourdough. With a name like Naïm (Arabic for comfort and ease) it’s the perfect start to your day.


Their menu is ever changing, but one thing always stays the same – they make damn good avo toast. Keeping it classic with feta, herbs, olive oil and lemon on sourdough – Scout proves they don’t need gimmicks to keep us coming back again and again. Craving some protein in the AM?  We recommend throwing a couple of fried eggs and some of their famous Kaiser bacon on the side of that bad boy.

It’s not easy being green, but sure is delicious.

Words by Emma Callaghan