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Park your butt at Park the Truck

Calling all foodies and food truck lovers, the inaugural Park the Truck festival is being held at Roma Street Parklands on Friday evening the 6th of March to celebrate all of the glorious eats Brisbane food trucks have to offer! This event will have you doing the one thing your parents told you not to do – take food from strangers in vans! But with 13 of our favourite food trucks in attendance we’re willing to ignore any and all parental advice. Including don’t eat with your fingers. In attendance at this delicious event will be tasty meals on wheels like The Bun Mobile, the Goat Pie Guy, Oi! Taco, King of the Wings, Fiery Deli, Fire ‘n’ Dough, Yummi Fruit, Vira Lata, German Hut, Juicy Jungle, Chip Tease and Little Black. And if you’re tired from a long day at work, Flinders Coffee will be in attendance to give you a peppy caffeine fix. Gotta be wired to hit all those food trucks in three short hours! So be sure to keep Friday the 6th of March free and we also recommend skipping lunch that day so you can make the most of it. Unless you’re a seasoned foodie like us, in which case you’ll be up for the challenge. Park the Truck will be happening from 5.30-8.30pm giving you just enough time to have multiple dinners (and desserts of course). With free entry, live music and plenty of grassy knolls to lie back on with your food baby, we can only hope that this becomes a yearly event (or weekly, we wouldn’t mind). So rally your food loving friends together and get ready for a night filled with good food and groovy tunes! Words by Jessika Marek