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Pane e Vino’s Italian family fare

Pane e Vino has seen a lot of food babies in its 20 years, some famous, some not, but all very much satisfied. After two decades of welcoming diners to their Italian family table in the CBD, they certainly know how to convince you that yes, you need at least five courses for dinner. How else will you try everything on the menu? It all starts with an apertivo. Classic cocktails like the Aperol Spritz or Negroni are perfect for balmy summer nights (to which the Italians are well accustomed) of people watching from the sidewalk terrace, before the carb-loading begins inside. The restaurants signature starter dish, polenta e tavola, is the stuff Italian dreams are made of. Soft, creamy polenta slathered with juicy pork and fennel sausage with a generous sprinkle of cheese, there’s no need (or time) for plates when this is set down in front of you on the table. Just grab a fork and dig in before it’s gone. brisbaneitalianrestaurants But when we think Italian we think pasta and if there’s one thing we love better than cheesy pasta it’s deep-fried cheesy pasta. Lightly crumbed goats cheese ravioli with a vibrant beetroot dip will certainly get the drool going, just in time to tuck into a big bowl of black mussels and cloudy bay clams spiced up with chilli and garlic. If you can fit in a main after all this, there’s plenty more carb-filled goodness to choose from. Gnocchi alla gorgonzola is a rich combination of gnocchi, cream, leek and crisp prosciutto or if you’re a seafood fan, the linguine alla marinara will more than appease, loaded with prawns, calamari, mussels, clams and flavoursome herbs and spices. brisbaneitalianrestaurants2 And of course there is always room for dessert, especially when its creamy, vanilla pana cotta. You’ll be licking the glass clean no matter how much pasta you’ve eaten. Finish off with a mouthful of one of Pane e Vino’s limoncellos (which come in smooth peach and raspberry as well as lemon – fruity!) and you’ll have had an Italian meal just like Nonna would make for the family table in Tuscany. If we had a family in Tuscanny. Since we don’t, we’re adopting Pane e Vino’s, who still regularly berates the kitchen if they aren’t sticking to tradition. Pane e Vino is open seven days for breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks. Words by Ranyhyn Akui