OzHarvest opens Australia’s first ‘rescued food supermarket’  | Gourmand and Gourmet

OzHarvest opens Australia’s first ‘rescued food supermarket’ 

The Aussie food charity, OzHarvest has just opened Australia’s very first ‘rescued food supermarket’ in Sydney! What is a rescued food market you ask? It’s actually a fabulous idea, instead of throwing away the surplus food that is donated to OzHarvest, the supermarket invites anyone who is low on cash and in need of food to ‘take what you need and give what you can.’ And no, broke uni students, you can’t do your shopping here just because you spent all your money on coffee. The supermarket is located at 147 Anzac Parade, Kensignton in NSW, but with any luck this idea will take off and spread all over the country. Instead of your third avo on sourdough this week, maybe skip a brunch and make a donation to OzHarvest, they’re doing good things. Words by Georgia Casey