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Our top picks for National Éclair Day

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Some say that macarons and cupcakes have had their day and that éclairs are the new ‘black’ of the pastry world. We might not be willing to give up macarons and cupcakes just yet (or ever), but we are more than willing to choux down on the cream filled, frosting topped French pastry for National Éclair Day on June 22. If you are also so inclined, we’ve got a list of where to get Brisbane’s best éclairs to properly observe the day.
Cowch | South Bank
Éclairs might be the last thing on your mind when you spot all of Cowch’s other sweet offerings but trust us when we tell you their pastries are just as satisfying to a sweet tooth as anything else that might catch your eye. With six flavours of strawberry, pistachio, chocolate, caramel, coffee and vanilla, to choose from (or just have them all, we won’t judge) and the most perfect choux pastry you will ever bite into, this is the éclair to which all others should aspire to.
Chouquette | New Farm
You’ll feel like you’ve just stepped into Paris at Chouquette, complete with French speaking staff who greet customers with a ‘Bonjour!’ for authenticity. Three éclair flavours of (begin reading in French accent here) ‘café, chocolat or vanille,’ to us mean a different scrumptious, cream filled dessert for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
French Patisserie | Toowong
Tucked away in a suburban corner of Toowong, this bakery specialising in French pastry boasts of using real butter (never margarine!) in their pastry. Whatever their secret is, we are fans of their melt in your mouth éclairs, filled with cream in flavours of chocolate, coffee, lemon meringue or our personal favourite, hazelnut.
Le Bon Choix | Paddington, Ascot and Queen St
If you’re after an éclair with some Parisian flair, make Le Bon Choix your destination. In their tempting cabinets of French delights you’ll find chocolate and vanilla éclairs topped with delicately patterned chocolate crusts, just like those you would find in Paris. One mouthful has everything you need in a dessert: fluffy pasty, sweet cream and a chocolate crackle.
La Maison De L’éclair | Bondi, Sydney
Happen to be out of state on the auspicious occasion? Sydney goers will have no trouble finding an éclair to celebrate with at this Bondi bakery, it’s all they do! Yep, a whole bakery filled with sweet and savoury éclairs (because who ever said éclairs could only be sweet?). We’re thinking a smoked salmon and cream cheese éclair would be a very fitting lunch for National Éclair Day. Plus a sweet one for dessert of course.
Hazelnut & Raspberry Eclairs | Camille Styles
If you aren’t too intimidated by the fancy looking pastry involved, you could whip up (literally, there’s a lot of whipping involved) some éclairs at home. These babies are simple to make and look as good as they taste, plus, as an added bonus, you can eat the whole batch yourself, with no one to judge. Don’t let National Éclair Day pass unnoticed, head to one (or all) of our top picks for a scrumptious French pastry to celebrate the day with all the choux-ing it deserves! Words by Ranyhyn Akui.