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Our top fish dishes on Fish Lane

Don’t walk, swim.

Fish Lane is overrun with gourmet spots showcasing cuisines from all over the globe, and we’ve rounded up our favourite seafood-centric plates from along the lane.

We promise to keep the fish puns to a minimum if you promise to get your butt to Fish Lane for one of these fishy dishes… 

La Lune Wine Co.

Don’t be fooled—whilst La Lune places wine at the forefront of your dining experience, their fresh fare truly is the star of the show. 

The seared scallops with salsify, crème fraîche, and finger lime is the perfect way to start your meal, and marries sublimely with a glass of bubbles. Moving on to mains, the grilled flathead with fennel, spiced potato, and dandelion perfectly combines European and modern Australian flavours and will have you asking when their next free booking is…


If you haven’t yet had the crab spaghetti from Billykart, you really need to get your priorities sorted out. 

Complete with chilli, garlic, basil, napoli and a healthy handful of sand crab, this is undoubtedly one of our favourite seafood pastas in the entire city.

Chu The Phat

Deep-fried Asian anything always has a tick from us. Chu The Phat’s deep-fried smoked ocean trout wontons are the perfect fishy morsel to enjoy with a beer before main courses arrive. 

Their new dine-in menu features some stars from Madame Wu, and that steamed barramundi with steamed XO sauce has already stolen our hearts… 

Julius Pizzeria

Gamberi piccanti. It’s as simple as that.

This punchy pizza is loaded up with local tiger prawns, garlic, chilli, rocket, and cherry tomatoes, before being lightly kissed with mozzarella for good measure. 

Bender’s Bar

Boasting a concise menu of burgers and sides, the team at Bender’s could put anything between two buns and it would automatically be delicious, so it’s no surprise that their crumbed flathead burger could well be the best fish burger we’ve ever tried. The gnarly lemon and dill mayo takes it over the edge, and the milk bun makes for the perfect home. Their prawn roll with cajun remoulade is our choice when we’re feeling a bit ~fancy~.  

Maeve Wine

Sitting back with a bottle of wine and some gourmet bar snacks at Maeve is truly living your best life. 

The hand-filleted Spanish anchovies with sherry vinegar, honey and pickled kiss peppers will take your taste buds on a damn holiday.


Want to win $500 to spend on Fish Lane? Simply head here to enter, and prepare for the feast of a lifetime. Where will you and your school of fish hit up first? 

Words by Elizabeth Markwell
- the gourmet who is in the mood for seafood.