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Our guide to the Brisbane Arcade

If you’re guilty of power walking past Brisbane Arcade on your lunch break, then give yourself a slap on the wrist and turn right back around. The heritage-listed building provides enough delectable dining hotspots (and stunning surroundings) to have you ditch the Starbucks and make this your new daily visit for caffeine, lunch, sweet treats, and just about anything else you could need. In case you’re a bit of a newcomer to the wonder that is Brisbane Arcade (it’s okay, we all make mistakes), we have picked five of our favourites for you to add to your daily routine. Room with Roses Vicki Pitts chased her Room with Roses dream for 8 years, offering to buy from the previous owner every year until they were ready to sell. She has been providing Brisbane with old world elegance ever since. Room with Roses serves everything from award winning breakfasts to a traditional high tea (Vogue Living named it one of the top five in Australia). Everything is lovingly made in house, a lot even coming from old family recipes. L’s Espresso Bar Owners Cate Swan and David Lawler will happily sort out your daily grind. Serving Merlo coffee and wholesome café food, you can drop in for a quick hit or bring the laptop and set up for hours. We recommend trying their pea and ham soup (it’s just like Grandma would make). The Tea Centre Take your mid afternoon tea break at The Tea Centre. This 100% Australian owned business stocks an incredible 185 varieties of tea sourced from all around the world. Say goodbye to the Lipton yellow bag, and hello to Ginger Kiss, French Earl Grey (Earl Grey’s fancier cousin) and our personal favourite, Stockholm Blend. Chocolate Moments We are not ashamed to say that we can devour an entire plate of Chocolate Moments samples in about 2 minutes. As the only Belgian chocolatier in town, owner Gerrard Gosens definitely knows his chocolate (as well as being a blind, paralympian, dancing with the stars extraordinaire!). If picking up a few take home treats is not enough, they also offer a three hour cooking class so you can learn the fine art for yourself. Kerry Craig Emporium Specialising in a traditional Devonshire high tea, Kerry Craig Emporium is one for the must do list. Their specialty menu focuses on Queensland produce, local seafood, and seasonal ingredients. Kerry Craig offers what many venues strive for, a nostalgic step back in time, and the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. So next time you find yourself headed to Myer Centre food court, take a minute and remember there is a whole world of foodie fantasy waiting for you at Brisbane Arcade. Brisbane Arcade runs from the Queen Street Mall through to Adelaide Street and is situated at the Edward Street end of the city Words by Ashleigh Docherty