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Our Guide to Brisbane’s Best Hot Cross Buns

Let's be real, the moment you cleared the plates from Christmas lunch, the first thing on your mind was a soft, fluffy hot cross bun. (Well, once the food coma had worn off).

Contrary to the naysayers, we embrace, we welcome the early release of our favourite baked goods, whether they’re classically fruity or double choc (a controversial topic around our office, but honestly nothing holds up to the original).

Before you go wasting those precious months toasting up supermarket buns, we decided to put Brisbane’s best hot cross buns to the test. From the north side to the south side and every bakery in between, we ate our way through the sweetest, fluffiest buns we could find.


Holy flavour! We don’t know what kind of magic these bakers are using in their kitchen (perhaps they have some house elves in their employ?), but biting into one of these is like biting into Easter itself (someone said the Easter bunny – but that’s just weird). A heady aroma of cinnamon and nutmeg, a moist and fluffy bun and a generous amount of fruit make these a hot cross bun worth skipping a few chocolate eggs for.

| *CROWD FAVOURITE* | Flour and Chocolate | Morningside

Fluff city! We couldn’t get enough of this little dig’s version of the classic hot cross bun – absolutely choc’d with fruit and plenty of spicy goodness to go ‘round, these babies were delish straight out of the toaster (we almost couldn’t believe they were vegan!). They also whipped up one hell of a black forest version, donned with a chocolate cross and sour cherries that had us going back for seconds.

No, don’t tell us – you haven’t heard about Nodo’s buns? Known for their gluten-free donuts, Nodo is introducing their very own hot cross buns this year after their ‘hot cross donut’ success (which will rock. your. world). With dried blueberries and a sprinkle of Easter spices, these bad boys (but actually good-for-you boys) are going to be the talk of the gluten-free town.

| |

Staying true to their name, the team at Miss Bliss have developed the perfect hot cross buns for those who are health conscious – but also conscious of the amazing smell coming from bakeries around Easter. Serving up gluten-free, dairy-free, refined sugar-free and vegan hot cross buns, it’s totally acceptable to have a few… bags. Right?

| |

Not ones to just do the same as everyone else, Cake & Bake’s hot cross buns had a tasty difference – plenty of extra chunky apricots and a super sweet golden crust that just about crackled when we bit into it. ‘This glaze is so shiny – it’s like a crème brulee hot cross bun.’ Bonus points for toastability – this baby came out of the grill with a deliciously toasty crunch.

Baker's Delight | Brisbane

Sometimes you just can’t beat a classic hot cross bun. We grew up with these tasty buns and they’re yet to fail or falter us yet. Perfectly fluffy, easily toasted with a happy little crunch on first bite, these fruity classics are a treat to the taste buds and that little twinge of nostalgia in all of us. And if that wasn’t enough, they’re now whipping up chocolate hot cross buns for all you fruit-aphobes (just incase you haven’t had enough chocolate this Easter, you know).

Danny's Bread | Teneriffe

It’s obvious these little delights come straight out of a bakery specialising in bread – they’ve got a beautifully fluffy, deliciously dense, bready nature to them that we just couldn’t get enough of. Not super fruity or spicy for those who aren’t super fussed on OTTing on the cinnamon, but crispy as hell when they’re whipped out of the oven. Add a swipe of butter and hey presto – you’re eating Easter.

Our verdict? Well, to be honest, the entire office was divided and no one could agree – the arguments went on for hours (as did our sugar high). So you’ll just have to taste test them all yourself.

Words by Sophia Lunn
- The gourmand who would die for a warm, buttered, fruity hot cross bun.