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Our Guide to Brisbane’s Best Fried Chicken

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Let’s get one thing straight: few things make a girl happier than succulent fried chicken. From the golden crispy shell which holds together the gift of juicy tender meat, you could say fried chicken is something to get clucky about.

So, don’t just wing your next fried chicken experience, we have hen-picked Brisbane’s best feeds to flock too.

Hello Chicken| Bowen Hills

Say hello to our little friend. This menu specialises in all things chicken, and it’s seriously high on the pecking order. Choose chicken the way you like it but with a Korean twist, but get your wet wipes ready because Hello Chicken is finger lickin’ good.

Seoul Bistro| Sunnybank

Sunnybank, you’ve done it again! Not only for these guys do some of the crispiest, tastiest wings and chicken burgers you’ll find in town but they’ll dish up all the wings you can eat with their buffet option! Cluck yeah! And with 7 different flavours of wings to choose from, you’ll want to take an appetite so you can try them all – if you can resist their crispy new crispy chicken burgers, that is.

Momo Chicken & Beer| CBD & Runcorn

Got a serious itch that only Asian styled fried chicken can scratch? Runcorn, don’t walk to Momo Chicken & Beer and get your hands on a plate of their crispy chicken legs, then wash it all down with an ice-cold beer.

Funny Funny | CBD

Funny Funny is no laughing matter because this chicken is serious business. They’ve moved into a more grown up location, and whilst the interior might be a little more swish, it’s still all about that delicious, dirty, finger lickin’ good fried chicken. You can choose between seven mouth-watering flavours that will tickle your tastebuds. Do us a favour and order the fried boneless chicken – you’re welcome.

KaiKai Chicken| St Lucia

All you can eat. Korean. Fried. Chicken. Need we say more? Stuff your face with as much triple fried goodness as you can stand at KaiKai for $24.90. Impress date, horrify your mother and let your friends watch on in awe as you become god of chickens. Thirsty? For $49.90 you can add bottomless drinks to your evening as well. This could get MESSY.

Chu the Phat | South Brisbane

You won’t be putting all your eggs in one basket with Chu the Phat’s Asian fusion adventure. Experience the flavours of Hong Kong, Korea and Taiwan with every piece of chicken. Then, wash it all down with a pun-tastic cocktail. We’ll take the How Chu Doing with a side of chicken, please.

Yardbird| Fortitude Valley & Stones Corner

These southern fried wings bring all the boys to the Yardbird, and they’re like, it’s better than yours. Damn right, it’s better than yours. They could teach you, but they’d have to charge. And they do, but it’s pretty ‘cheep’ considering how addictive it is.

Shady Palms | Stones Corner

We have found the real Slim Shady, only he’s not slim, he’s full of fried chicken. Have a double helping of Shady Palms’ southern fried chook with bacon mac ‘n’ cheese and country style gravy. With a menu like this, you will have no choice but to [please] stand up.

Congratulations, you are now the ultimate chick magnet.

Words by Brooke Mcgregor
- the gourmand who is cluckin' mad for KFC.