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Our favourite All Star dishes from Masterchef Australia

No, they’re not just all of Reynold’s desserts.

Masterchef Australia is back on our screens, and we can’t contain our excitement. To make things somehow even bigger, better, and yummier than ever, this season – Back To Win – features the All Stars of previous seasons who have returned to battle it out for ultimate culinary glory.

We’ve taken a trip down delicious memory lane and found our favourite dishes that each All Star prepared in their seasons. Queue the drooling.

Khahn Ong | Season 10

Roast Pork and Apples. Sounds simple, right? Well, this DESSERT actually consists of a prosciutto and maple ice cream with stewed apples and pork crackling. And we want to eat it right now.

Harry Foster | Season 8

Harry’s Lobster Cannelloni with Artichokes was a combination of complex elements. It looked freakin’ tricky to make, but the result? Perfection. 

Reynold Poernomo | Season 7

Everything this guy did was insanely impressive. During Reynold’s season, there was one dish that blew our minds like no other – the now iconic Forbidden Fruit dish – consisting of a rich chocolate mousse hidden under a raspberry coulis, with ganache and cocoa-butter on chocolate soil.

Courtney Roulston | Season 2

Courtney’s Chilli Mud Crab with XO Sauce was described as “simple and tasty” but actually looked hella complex and hard to make… So maybe we’ll leave it to the pros. 

Brendan Pang | Season 10

Gourmet lovers, this one’s for you. Brendan’s Butter Poached Lobster with Confit Fennel and Bouillabaisse Sauce in season 10 was all things refined and flavourful.

Callum Hann | Season 2

I had never heard of a macaron until 2010, when Callum’s Violet Macarons with Raspberries and Buttercream changed my worldview.

Amina Elshafei | Season 4

An amazing home-cook and an all-round sweetie, Amina shook things up in season 4 with her Tea Smoked Duck Breast with Asian Salad. 

Lynton Tapp | Season 5

Lynton’s simple-but-effective Beef Eye Fillet scored straight 10s across the board in season 5, as Lynton himself was a perfect 10 in the eyes of women across Australia. 

Emelia Jackson | Season 6

We’re going to go against the grain and focus on one of dessert goddess Emelia’s savoury dishes – that insanely decadent Glazed Beef Cheek with Jerusalem Artichoke from season 6. Just wow. 

Ben Ungermann | Season 9

In a challenge that was full of blood, sweat, and plenty of tears, Ben triumphed and won himself a spot in the semi final by replicating Heston Blumenthal’s Lamington Cake – a recipe that had 105 STEPS. 

Simon Toohey | Season 11

Last season, Simon made a name for himself by creating meat-free masterpieces, like the delicious Roasted Cauliflower with Black Garlic Toum and Sherry Caramel.

Ben Milbourne | Season 4

It’s hard to pick just one of Ben’s amazing dishes, but the memories of his fragrant Thai Green Curry still makes our tummies rumble. 

Tracy Collins | Season 6

We love an inventive Queen, which Tracy truly was in season 6 with her epic Chicken and Cauliflower Three Ways.

Sarah Clare | Season 10

Talk about tantalizing taste buds! Sarah’s insane Salt and Vinegar Chip Ice Cream Sandwich was the dessert we didn’t know we needed in our lives. 

Jess Liemantara | Season 10

With wisdom and talent beyond her years, Jess wowed us all with her Chocolate and Coffee Semifredo – just one memorable dessert of many. 

Rose Adam | Season 7

Rose took the judges to Flavourtown with her Chicken Larb with Egg and Rice in season 7.

Chris Badenoch | Season 1

Chris came onto the scene in season 1 and blew the collective minds of Australia when he served a Roasted Pig’s Head to the judges. How bad ass. 

Tessa Boersma | Season 11

Was there anything this chick made that wasn’t bloody delicious? That Lemon Meringue with Rosemary and Ginger made our hearts skip a beat. 

Dani Venn | Season 3

Queen of the immunity pin, Dani beat Celebrity Masterchef Winner Eamon Sullivan by recreating his own dessert – a rich Chocolate Delice. Yas.

Reece Hignell | Season 10

It was one of those dishes that was almost too pretty to eat. Almost. Yes, we’re talking about Reece’s Coffee Parfait with Coffee Tuile and Chocolate Sauce.

Sarah Tiong | Season 9

Known for pairing some whacky flavours (which somehow tasted amazing all the time), Sarah took things to another level with her Squid with Broad Beans, Yuzu Puree, and Pickles.

Hayden Quinn | Season 3

Hayden’s Asian-inspired Braised Pork Belly in season 3 was just another delicious example of his versatility in the kitchen.

Laura Sharrard | Season 6

She’s the favourite to win this season, and for a good reason. Plating up dishes like Scampi with Anchovy Butter, Roasted Garlic Cream and Pickled Cabbage in season 6, Laura has always been one to watch!

Poh Ling Yeow | Season 1

Poh IS Masterchef. She is the sunshine we all need in our lives, and she’s a damn good cook. Her Raspberry Clafoutis with Chestnut Cream and Chocolate-filled Raspberries was just the beginning…


What was your top pick?

Words by Elizabeth Markwell
- the gourmet who is addicted to reality television.